10 Framing Facts

    10 Framing facts

Our top 10 facts about picture frames …

1. Van Gogh once said : “ A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body”.

2. The world’s largest picture frame is situated in Dubai, the structure simply dubbed as “Dubai Frame” is 150m tall and 93 meters long. Looking through it in one direction you see the hotels and skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road: The Emirate’s bright and gleaming future, looking the other way, you glimpse back at the old residential neighbourhoods.

3. There is no copyright law on frames, so there is no stopping one maker from mimicking another which has resulted in many frames looking like earlier frame designs.

4. Among the first picture frames known to exist, is a frame made of wood from the 50s to 70s AD found in an Egyptian grave featuring a portrait of a woman.

During these times, Egyptians carved frames into the same pieces of wood as their paintings.

5. The largest collection of picture frames is owned by Lara Khoury from the United Arab Emirates. Lara Khoury has 2,214 different picture frames which she has been collecting since 1992. Lara Koury brought her first frame while she was studying in Boston, USA

6. An American frame can be distinguished from a European frame by its iconography. The acanthus leaf, for example, is a typically European design. Yet, in 1950’s, as the US became an agricultural power image of tobacco, wheat and corn began to appear on frames.

7. Renaissance Italy celebrated frames themselves as works of art. They featured elaborately within altars and other icons commissioned by the Church.

8.  The Fine Art Trade Guild was established to promote, develop and inform the picture industry. It now continues to set standards and guidelines for the prints and picture framing industry.

9. Frames aren’t only for hanging and enhancing your favourite art or photo, they also are essential for protecting works from dirt, dust and the sun.

10. Picture frames can be custom-made, coming in a vast range of colours, size, materials and styles, making a striking statement in a room, or blending into the decor with cherished memories.

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