Tim Ball

Tim Ball 

“I love nothing better than to capture images of God's wonderful creation to share with others. My aim, to delight and inspire.” 

Tim Ball is a talented landscape photographer who specializes in capturing the natural beauty of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dale. He took his first photographs at the age of 14, and before contracting M.E. in 1989, earned his living as a professional audio-visual photographer. Now, as then landscape photography is his passion.

His breathtaking images showcase the changing seasons and diverse landscapes of the region, from the rugged mountains and tranquil lakes to the picturesque villages and rolling hills.

At Neil Warner Pictures, we are proud to give you access to Tim's exclusive collection of photographs. Tim's stunning images make for beautiful centerpieces in any interior space and unique gifts for nature enthusiasts. We are confident that Tim's collection will exceed your expectations and provide you with the perfect addition to your design projects.


Explore Tim's collection and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Lake District. From misty mountains shrouded in fog to vibrant sunsets over calm waters, each photograph captures a moment of serenity and tranquility. Tim's attention to detail and use of natural light create a sense of depth and texture in each image, drawing the viewer into the landscape and evoking a sense of wonder and awe.

Purchase Tim's images as fine art prints or framed prints in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our expert framing team can help you choose the perfect frame to complement your decor and showcase the beauty of Tim's photography.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District through the lens of Tim Ball, exclusively at Neil Warner Pictures

More of his photographs can be viewed on Flickr astimballic