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Photography is one of the most powerful mediums of storytelling and visual expression.  Neil Warner Pictures is dedicated to promoting independent photographers from across UK and Europe, bringing to you a vast collection of fantastic pictures gathered from their own private collections.

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From stunning landscapes to extreme abstract close-ups, Neil Warner Pictures, bespoke art for whatever your needs may be!

Nick has been a self-confessed wildlife nut since a teacher brought a bird book into school when he was 8-years old -  from then on he was hooked. His aim is to try and capture the beauty of the natural world to share with others.


He is also a passionate believer in the benefits that time in nature can have on our physical, mental and emotional health. As an experienced teacher of yoga and meditation, he has witnessed the impact that connection with nature and nature can have on busy, tired minds.

More of his photographs can be viewed on Flickr , click here

“I love nothing better than to capture images of God's wonderful creation to share with others. My aim, to delight and inspire.”

Tim lives in the North West of England, not far from the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

He took his first photographs at the age of 14, and before contracting M.E. in 1989, earned his living as a professional audio-visual photographer. Now, as then landscape photography is his passion. He currently uses Sony A7 series cameras and Zeiss prime lenses.


More of his photographs can be viewed on Flickr as timballic

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
— Elliott Erwitt

Born and raised in Guernsey, Channel Islands (the temporary home to Renoir and Victor Hugo).

Diagnosed with dyslexia at a time when the authorities did not accept its existence Andy/Shaw found in art and photography a way to express his surrounding in the way he saw it. Andy/Shaw also seems to have inherited his father’s artistic gene who was a gifted painter and had the knack of capturing the atmosphere of a scene with a few brush strokes.

After leaving school Andy/Shaw worked as a draftsman in a local architect’s office before moving into the leisure industry.

"To me, photography is a hobby, a way to relax and has a feel-good facture. Sometimes the shot works sometimes it doesn’t but it’s still something I’ve created. I hope others get as much enjoyment out of my photos as I do taking them."

Why do i love photography?

"I started my photography journey when I was really young.  My father was a merchant seaman and travelled all over the world and we of course in those days could not share in what he did and experienced.  That is until he came home then he would develop his many roles of film organise a big family gathering and have a rather long and very detailed slide show.  At the time I’m pretty sure I didn’t appreciate his labour of love nor understand it but now i do.

I love to travel.  That is to say, I like to get out and about and visit places I don’t see every day and record what I see.  Sadly I have only been able to do this to any decent standard since my dads passing. To this end, I think I see and appreciate more of this incredible planet now. I love to be outdoors and to try and capture some of its majesties whether that be a rutting stag on Exmoor or a surfer trying to ride an impossible wave in Cornwall.

I am however still l learning, I learn from people, conditions, places and light and the odd youtube video.  Recently I have sold a few pieces and this has given me so much pleasure to know that people appreciate my subjects as much as I do. Last year I was lucky enough to take a trip around the world. This has inspired me and really challenged me but it was very difficult to fail to capture some of the different light, colours and diversity of many wonderful countries across this earth. Have kit bag will travel to wherever the light takes me".

    Matt Cornish

Ryan has been a self-taught, hobbyist photographer for a little over 10 years, starting out using photography as a way of documenting his explores in the Napoleonic and WW2 forts and tunnels in his hometown of Dover, Kent.

Using long-exposure “light-painting” techniques, synonymous amongst urban exploration, Ryan was able to create his own drama inside an image with various lights and coloured flashes, whilst also documenting the history of the tunnels or forts for others. As time passed, photography became more of a passion than the exploring, and so the skills learnt underground were tried and tested above ground.

Now with a strong focus on both landscape and street photography, Ryan travels around the UK with his fiancée and their dog, documenting their adventures with both digital and film cameras. Since seriously taking up film photography around 3 years ago, Ryan now considers himself a hybrid photographer, and truly believes there is a place for both digital and film photography together; from film photography having the ability to capture the brightest elements without losing detail, to the immense speed, focus, and editing options found with digital photography.

From starting out lugging around a heavy tripod, with bags of flashguns, torches and filters, Ryan now travels light as much as he can, keeping things simple with one lens per camera, handheld meters, and a few filters, relying on subtle editing to create the photo.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. Ansel Adams

More of his photographs can be viewed on 500px, click here

Love Coach, Artist, and COSRT accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Cate's passion is supporting people to fall in love with themselves, with others, and with life.

Her work is about love, the expression of love and the process of opening up to love and ultimately to the flow of life.

Her heart paintings have been sold in 80 countries worldwide.

"Painting hearts for me is like saying a prayer. I joyfully open myself up to the energy of life to paint them and let them be created through me. They guide me and help me to remember that there is beauty and strength in being vulnerable and soft."

Discover her gallery:

Anne Nosten is a French photo reporter and photojournalist. 

In the 90s she's been working 8 years as a correspondent in Africa for Gamma Press, International photo agency specialised in Press reports for magazines such as Paris Match and Time (US) covering Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire and Comores.  She has been doing portraits of arts and sciences personalities in Paris for Gamma in 2000/2005. 

She has also published Book covers (photos ) like  "La derniere épopée de Bob Denard " from Jean Claude Sanchez (Pygmalion) and" La vie rêvée des bêtes" from Marie Claude Bomsel        (Laffont) . She now is now specialised in Nature photography and works on commissions for vineyards.

" I have spent most of my life working as a cinematographer/director capturing drama, emotion, colour and light for clients in Los Angeles, Asia, Africa and the UK.

I settled in East Africa for many years and was fortunate to have explored the far corners of that amazing region.

I have now returned to the UK and am focused on the frozen moment that stills offer and not the continuous movement of the subject in cinema. I started as a kid with a black and white stills darkroom in our garden air-raid shelter, so I'm only picking up where I left off!

 Texture fascinates me but not more than people and I love a portrait.

 I have now settled as a wedding photographer and will only take 25 commissions a year to keep me fresh and perpetually excited about taking pictures."

Steve Somerset came to London in the mid eighties to work with Kevin Godley and Lol Creme at Medialab. He was involved in some of the decade’s most iconic videos. After this he worked in advertising and at the same time pursued a musical career. He has composed music for television as well as releasing several albums. A compulsive snapper he takes full advantage of the digital era and his iPhone to celebrate his love of London. 

Photographer living in Bristol, Joshua Warner discovered a passion for aerial photography.

With his drone, he captures beautifully the landscapes of the Southwest of England, from the busy urban views of Bristol to the peaceful seasides of Bournemouth.

His work on light, shadows and reflections gives a unique touch to his exquisite landscape photographs.

Neil Warner has been a professional photographer for 30 years, joining The Image Bank in 1980. Working as a Trans Africa tour guide and expedition leader inspired him to combine his passion for travel with photography.  Based in Nairobi, Kenya for twenty years, Neil has collaborated with some of the world’s most innovative photographers on a variety of projects, including Peter Beard for Elle Magazine, Mirella Ricciardi and David Coulson, as well as acting as a guide for Frans Lanting on his East African photographic safaris.

In addition to his own photography, Neil formed a photo library "In The Dark", which was the first facility in East Africa to offer some 24 Kenyan photographers a platform to sell their images... He had an exclusive contract working for Ilford in Kenya, running a Cibachrome and print studio from Mc Cann Erickson. Neil’s photographs capture the vibrant and majestic essence of diverse locations and subjects.

''My name is Ulrike Winchester and I am an Art Photographer with a love for nature.

Born in East Germany, Leipzig, I started a career in the Hospitality business. I developed Discipline and Consistency in raising my children. There was always a curiosity for images and as a creative head, it was always my aim to share what I really love. I used to paint on commission and had the eye what composition works best with its surrounding.

There is much more to photography than to only show real or surreal matter. Visual language is important for me, as it creates room for interpretation and is communication without words.

I am me and my work speaks for me.''

“There is no better artist than Mother Nature, nothing compares with her beauty or her perfect, imperfections. I am always completely in awe of Her ‘designs’ and it always a joy if I can capture just an iota of her magnificence “ - Jo Curtis

Alistair Thomas Gibbons grew up in Liverpool, England, and trained as a "Special Effects Digital Editor” in London during the 1990s. “I learned to think in images and see that almost every view has something special”.

Alistair has a book available on Amazon ‘Chasing Time’  #chasingtimebook which is a historical catalogue of classic vintage watches. He has a watch web forum of 18 years and lives in Bristol, England, with his two sons, Luke and Jack.