Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies

Ryan has been a self-taught, hobbyist photographer for a little over 10 years, starting out using photography as a way of documenting his explores in the Napoleonic and WW2 forts and tunnels in his hometown of Dover, Kent.

Using long-exposure “light-painting” techniques, synonymous amongst urban exploration, Ryan was able to create his own drama inside an image with various lights and coloured flashes, whilst also documenting the history of the tunnels or forts for others. As time passed, photography became more of a passion than the exploring, and so the skills learnt underground were tried and tested above ground.

Now with a strong focus on both landscape and street photography, Ryan travels around the UK with his fiancée and their dog, documenting their adventures with both digital and film cameras. Since seriously taking up film photography around 3 years ago, Ryan now considers himself a hybrid photographer, and truly believes there is a place for both digital and film photography together; from film photography having the ability to capture the brightest elements without losing detail, to the immense speed, focus, and editing options found with digital photography.

From starting out lugging around a heavy tripod, with bags of flashguns, torches and filters, Ryan now travels light as much as he can, keeping things simple with one lens per camera, handheld meters, and a few filters, relying on subtle editing to create the photo.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. Ansel Adams

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