Ulrike Winchester

Ulrike Winchester

''My name is Ulrike Winchester and I am an Art Photographer with a love for nature.

Born in East Germany, Leipzig, I started a career in Hospitality business. I developed Discipline and Consistency through raising my children. There was always curiosity for images and as a creative head, it was always my aim to share what I really love. I used to paint on commission and had the eye what composition works best with its surrounding.

There is much more to photography than to only show real or surreal matter. Visual language is important for me, as it creates room for interpretation and is communication without words.

I am me and my work speaks for me.''

"see through rays" | close up photography | winter scene | picture library

See through rays

Ref: UW 18 103

"Your love through pink tinted glasses" | Picture frame Bristol

Pink Love

Ref: UW 18 102

"frozen twig" | macrophotography | personalised picture frames Bristol

Frozen twig

Ref: UW 18 101

"Danish" | microphotography | Made to measure picture frames


Ref: UW 18 097

"Bright pink" | macrophotography | focus on foreground  black background | picture framing workshop bristol

bright pink

Ref: UW 18 096

"Sunset" | winter landscape | purple sky | photo library | picture framer Bristol


Ref: UW 18 104

"Brisk Invigoration" | Picture framing service | Online photo library

Cold way

Ref: UW 18 100

"keep growing" | Neil Warner Pictures | framed prints

Delicate drops

Ref: UW 18 078

"Playing with your colours .... because you are beautiful to me "| Personalised picture frame | photo library


Ref: UW 18 094

"Jam" | macrophotography | high contrast | red yellow | custom picture frame | UK


Ref: UW 18 079

"Memories" | Black and white photography | picture framer Bristol


Ref: UW 18 086

"Embrace your superpower" | Personalised picture frames

Blushing face

Ref: UW 18 080

"yellow petal" | personalised photo frames Bristol
"Close look" | macrophotography "| white flower on black background | high contrast | framed photo prints | picture library | framed wall art
"Fluff your edges" | black and white photo | framing services
"Ane..Anemo...Annemonene " | Photo framer | Online photo gallery
"Colour your life" | custom made picture frame workshop Bristol
"Slow beauty" | close up photography | framed wall art
'' Blushing petals'' | micro photography black background | Picture framer Bristol

Fluff your edges

Ref: UW 18 087

Pointing direction

Ref: UW 18 084

Little pleasure

Ref: UW 18 098

Slow beauty

Ref: UW 18 099

Colour your life

Ref: UW 18 091

Yellow petal

Ref: UW 18 077


Ref: UW 18 095

Close look

Ref: UW 18 085

"green collar" | Springtime close up | focus on foreground | green | framed photo prints Bristol
"photosynthesis : converting water, carbon dioxide and minerals into oxygen and organic compounds" | sunlight seen through leaves, transparency | green | framed photo prints and picture library for interior decor
"don't clip my wings." | White wing under soft light | Personalised photo frames | art gallery
"I had this thing I called my own" | White on White background, softness | picture framer near me | Neil Warner Pictures
"Fragility" | close up photography | picture library | interior design | photo frame
"Focus on and embrace the light ...in you" | Close up photography | orange sunflower with a bright blue sky as background | picture frames Bristol
"Gentle touch" | Close up photography| white rose petal gently touched by drops of water, high contrast | black and white photography | framed wall art | interior decor
"Feeling home means feeling safe" | Snail shell close up | high contrast | picture library | interior decor | frame repair
"In some peoples world you only count in how much you possess. In my world you count in how much you give." | Lavender flower close up | green background | picture framing service Bristol
"absurdism" | extreme close up | white on dark blue background | photo frame | image library | home design
"PAC-MAN Naturelle 1.0" | High coloured contrast | bright green lylipad on blue water | framed wall art Bristol - picture framer
macrophotography, close look on a flower, high colourred contrast, bright yellow on black background - Neil Warner Pictures - professional picture framer Bristol
Close up on apple tree flower, high contrast - framed photo prints Bristol
"Opening up and letting the sun in " Pink flower close up, soft contrast - framed photo prints - made to measure frames
"Plato Πλάτων nickname : πλατύς 'platύs' (broad) 'Excellence' is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act 'rightly' because we are 'excellent', in fact we achieve 'excellence' by acting 'rightly'." macrophotography - focus on the foreground - green on green - print and frame photos - made to measure
Macrophotography - focus on the foreground - picture framing service Bristol
"We are all made of stardust" macrophotography makes nature abstract - custom photo frames and mounts
"gentle dive into the night, dreaming until the morning light." high contrast purple on black background - picture frame - photo library - interior decor
Bud transforming into a beautiful flower, spring is here - custom made picture frames - photo prints
Close up on white and pink flower with focus on the foreground
light pink and yellow aqua lylipad
"Socratic irony If nothing has ever been written down, did it exist? Socrates [Σωκράτης] believed that one must concentrate more on self development than on possessions. He encouraged people to develop friendships and love amongst themselves. Human possess basic philosophical or intellectual virtues and those virtues were the most valuable of all possessions" - close up photography - canvas picture frames - made to measure
"buttery delicacy flying gracefully with exquisite taste" Orange butterfly on a white flower - photo frame uk - framing bristol - picture library
"Peace" Perfect reflection of the sunset on the lake - picture printing and framing Bristol
"Licit and uncorrupted view." - Neil Warner Pictures - photo framer Bristol - custom made frames

I had this thing called my own

Ref: UW 18 052


Ref: UW 18 048

Focus and embrace the light ...

Ref: UW 18 055

Gentle touch

Ref: UW 18 057


Ref: UW 18 053


Ref: UW 18 059

Light touch

Ref: UW 18 061

Pac-man naturelle

Ref: UW 18 062


Ref: UW 18 063

Open up

Ref: UW 18 065

Spring feeling

Ref: UW 18 064

Round me up

Ref: UW 18 067


Ref: UW 18 066


Ref: UW 18 068

Gentle dive into the night

Ref: UW 18 069

Soft touch

Ref: UW 18 071

Release your love

Ref: UW 18 070

Socratic irony

Ref: UW 18 058

Sideway softness

Ref: UW 18 072


Ref: UW 18 075


Ref: UW 18 073

Licit view

Ref: UW 18 074

"Snowface" | close up photography | personalised picture frames Bristol
"Shift between space" | black and white microphotography | Picture framing workshop Bristol
"Hidden growth" | microphotography | Custom picture frames
"Standing alone" | art gallery Bristol | photo frames
"pointing direction - When you think you know but you don't" white flower on black background - picture framing Bristol
"Anemone" | macrophotography | yellow anemone on black background | high contrast | framed photo prints Bristol
"Humble" | microphotography | Picture framing services
"Tipsy feeling" | microphotography | print and frame photos | Bristol
"Galaxy constellation" | yellow anemone on black background | personalised photo frames


Ref: UW 18 083

Shift between space

Ref: UW 18 092

Standing alone

Ref: UW 18 082

Hidden growth

Ref: UW 18 081


Ref: UW 18 088

Tipsy feeling

Ref: UW 18 090

From the dark

Ref: UW 18 089


Ref: UW 18 093


Ref: UW 18 050

"net construct in decay" |  close up photography | framed art prints | Neil Warner Pictures
"Nature's beauty is so fragile, resilient and strong. Because of its imperfection, it seeks and creates balance, we only can try to grasp and will never fully comprehend" | close up photography | soft contrast | framed wall art | photo library | Bristol
"delicate bloom" | soft contrast | white | photography | made to measure picture frames

Wing of hope

Ref: UW 18 033

Green collar

Ref: UW 18 039


Ref: UW 18 038

Top of a tree under clear blue sky on a summer sunny day | custom photo frame Bristol
"Vulnerable" | close up on a pink flower wit focus on the foreground | breeze of spring | framed photo | mounts
"defence against hostility' high contrast of colours, red and green -  macrophotography - picture framer Bristol - Neil Warner Pictures
"Nurturing means respecting and feeding an individual's needs and growth." | close up photography | white and pink apple tree flower | focus on foreground with green background | framed photo prints

Vitamine D

Ref: UW 18 047


Ref: UW 18 054


Ref: UW 18 076


Ref: UW 18 056


Ref: UW 18 060

Spring flower

Ref: UW 18 037

"every day is earth day 🌎 appreciation comes from seeing even the small as part of us which makes us complete Without ... we are nothing." |  Close up on green beetle resting on a brown leave. | Bespoke photo frames

Earth day

Ref: UW 18 046

"every fibre has a story of birth, growth, decay and death" | close up photography | bespoke picture framing Bristol


Ref: UW 18 045

"wrap your petals around me and I feel home" | Close up on white flower petals | custom picture frame | Neil Warner Pictures

Wrap your petals

Ref: UW 18 051

"Honey'' | Close up on pink flower with focus on the foreground | soft coloured contrast | picture framer Bristol


Ref: UW 18 049

"Lady bug walking on church wall" - close up photography - colour contrast - photo frame mounts

Lady bug walking on Church Wall

Ref: UW 0300

"Feather | tough fluffy look" | black and white contrast | framed wall art | photo library | interior design


Ref: UW 18 032

"Nature's beauty is so fragile, resilient and strong. Because of its imperfection, it seeks and creates balance, we only can try to grasp and will never fully comprehend.  We learn by letting go of our definition of perfection, to let go of the illusion that there ever is. And that is the beauty of nature in its perfect form and being. The circle closes If there ever was and is a circle." | picture frame service in Bristol

Sight of light

Ref: UW 18 035

"every ending has a beginning" | close up photography | white and green | bespoke picture frames and photo library Bristol

Drops of snow

Ref: UW 18 044

"don't be hostile to your host." |  Close up on Green tree trunk | soft coloured contrast | framed photo prints | UK

Host for spring

Ref: UW 18 034

"good morning If you feel you move slow, don't worry... everyone has their own pace to reach destination"- Close up photography - green - framed artwork - made to measure - Bristol

Slow walk

Ref: UW 18 030

"Spring beginning" Close up on bud - forest - photo frame Bristol

Spring beginning

Ref: UW 18 028

"dreaming of spring". Black and white clope up - framed photo prints Bristol - library
"Shield me ...as I am feeling exposed and my skin is cracking ..be my protector and armour ..so I can heal again." - close up photography - photo library for interior designers UK - framing
"..drop the truth" - close up on iced water - light contrast - made to measure photo frame Bristol
"Preservation".  Close up on frost - Blue reflection on frost - picture framer Bristol
"binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless odorless tasteless liquid  freezes into ice below 0 degrees centigrade and boils above 100 degrees centigrade  widely used as a solvent  H2O." high light contrast on frost - bespoke framed photo prints
"Softness doesn't mean weakness" - close up on Physalis shell - soft contrast - framed wall art for interior designers
"Fragility". Soft light and contrast - close up photography - print and frame photos - Neil Warner Pictures Bristol
"Nature construction" Physalis close up - yellow - custom photo frames Bristol
"Faded beauty" - close up photography - soft contrast - bespoke framed photo prints - picture library - home decor
"However you turn it ...... green it is" - close up photography - forest - picture framer Bristol
"Spring buddies" | photo frames | online gallery
"Everyone needs a home" - close up photography - nature - blue - photo library for interior designers Bristol - framer
"Busy Bee" - close up on nature - spring flowers - photo library and picture framing business Bristol
"Sleeping beauty" | close up on flower to bloom| high contrast with dark blue background | bespoke photo frame Bristol
"Nature's beauty is so fragile, resilient and strong. Because of its imperfection, it seeks and creates balance, we only can try to grasp and will never fully comprehend." |  Close up of white flower | high colour contrast | frame workshop Bristol | made to measure
"Centre of creation" | close up with colour contrast | white and yellow | softness | framed photo prints UK | made to measure
"Finally the sun is shining and spring is springing Easter time 🐥 ." High coloured contrast, close up of a white flower on dark blue background | picture framing service | frame repair | Bristol
"every fibre has a story of birth, growth, decay and death" |  Close up | nature photography | professional picture framer Bristol

Ice bells

Ref: UW 18 010

Icy sleep

Ref: UW 18 012

Ice cold puddle

Ref: UW 18 016

Physalis shell

Ref: UW 18 018


Ref: UW 18 020

Natures construction

Ref: UW 18 021

Faded beauty

Ref: UW 18 023

Blooming moss

Ref: UW 18 024

B/W beauty

Ref: UW 18 026


Ref: UW 18 029

Busy bee

Ref: UW 18 031

Embedded pollen

Ref: UW 18 043

Sleeping beauty

Ref: UW 18 036

Pollen dance

Ref: UW 18 040

Petal fluff

Ref: UW 18 042

Centre of creation

Ref: UW 18 041

Shell meeting

Ref: UW 18 008

Early days

Ref: UW 18 027

"Dreaming of spring". Close up on faded flower - photo library - professional picture framer Bristol

End of winter

Ref: UW 18 025

"Embedded and safe." mushroom on moss close up - green - framed wall art

Forest shroom

Ref: UW 18 022

"Softness doesn't mean weakness." Close up photography - dark background - custom picture frames

Physalis top in light

Ref: UW 18 019

"ice cold puddle" - close up photography - green and blue reflections on ice - frame workshop Bristol
"I will keep you afloat." Coloured contrast, wood on blue water - photo frame professional in Bristol

Keeping afloat

Ref: UW 18 013

"Early sign of growth" - end of winter - close up photography - Neil Warner Pictures photo framing services

Early sign of growth

Ref: UW 18 006

"Freeeeze, Frozen drops trapped" | high contrast | bespoke photo frames UK

Trapped drops

Ref: UW 18 004

"Ice forest" | landscape | snow | photo framer Bristol

Ice forest

Ref: UW 18 002


Flight over Europe

Ref: UW 0003

"Frozen berries" | abstract close up | photography | bespoke photo frames UK | wall murals | picture framing workshop Bristol
"Let your spark shine" | fire | photography | high contrast | picture library | Neil Warner Pictures

Fire sparkles

Ref: UW 0002

"flight over Europe" | View from the sky | blue | Photo library | interior designer UK | framed wall art | bespoke picture frame
"Frozen field under crystal morning" | landscape | blue sky | sunrise | photo framer | Neil Warner Pictures

Frozen field under crystal morning

Ref: UW 0004

"crystal clear cold" | photography | Close up on snowflakes | nature | Picture framing workshop Bristol

Conifer with snowflakes

Ref: UW 0005

"Play hide and seek with me" | Blue and green reflection on ice | Abstract close up photography | framed prints Bristol | interior design | picture framing

Frosty meadow

Ref: UW 0006

"Watercress" | close up photography | green on dark background | framed photo prints Bristol | custom picture framing service


Ref: UW 0007

"I suffer a physalis addiction" | Black and white close up with soft contrast | online photo galley | bespoke picture frame Bristol

Physalis architecture

Ref: UW 0008

Imperfect gerbera

Ref: UW1181

"Between clouds with sun rays breaking through" | landscape photography | clouds and sky | sunset | bespoke picture framing | framed photo prints

Between clouds with sun rays breaking through

Ref: UW 0066

"close harvest" | Close up photography | purple flower | focus on foreground | made to measure picture frame

Close harvest

Ref: UW 0081

"Defense made by nature" | rose thorn | close up photography | soft green background | frame workshop Bristol

Defense made by nature

Ref: UW 0084

"Autumn flower" | macrophotography | focus on foreground | purple flower | presonalised photo frame | art gallery online | Bristol

Autumn flower

Ref: UW 0087

"Snail still sleeping" | close up photography | forest | grey | framed wall art | bespoke picture frame

Snail still sleeping

Ref: UW 0137

"Beauty is all around us You only have to have the will to see it" |  Colourful close up photography | orange | personalised picture frames | photo framer Bristol
"against the odds" | Woodlands under snow | close up photography| framed wall art
"Strong support" | Wintertime close up | tree | picture library | home decor
"caught in your net" | Close up photography | fisherman net | shades of grey | framed wall art Bristol
"Shield me ...as I am feeling exposed and my skin is cracking ..be my protector and armour ..so I can heal again" - close up photography - picture library - framed photo prints
"no step closer ... " Frozen water, coloured contrast, shades of blue - framed photo prints Bristol
"Crack the pattern" - Close up on icy water - white and dark contrast - made to measure picture frames Bristol
"Roll the ball of ice forget the eyes it's not a dice  you will win the price anyway." Close up on ice balls with bright blue reflecions - photo framer

Against the odds

Ref: UW 18 001

Strong support

Ref: UW 18 003

Fishing net

Ref: UW 18 005

Cosy shells

Ref: UW 18 007

Standing close

Ref: UW 18 009

Cracked surface

Ref: UW 18 011

Ice balls

Ref: UW 18 015

Facets of light

Ref: UW 18 017

Frozen berries

Ref: UW 0001

"Water surface tension" | high colour contrast | green | bespoke photo framing Bristol | interior decor

Water surface tension

Ref: UW 9fa

"Wheat field before harvest" | contrast | dark bakground | nature | photography | picture framing Bristol | Neil Warner pictures

Wheat field before harvest

Ref: UW 0080

"droplet on a tulip petal" | Close up photography | orange tulip | Picture framing Bristol

Droplet on a tulip petal

Ref: UW 0083

"Scottish national flower" | close up photography | nature | forest | framed photo prints Bristol

Scottish national flower

Ref: UW 0088

"Mint harvest." Ear of corn with clear blue sky as background. Neil Warner Picture - photo prints and frames Uk

Crisp harvest

Ref: UW 0089

"Ice cover" | close up photography | winter | prints and frame photos | custom made | Bristol

Ice cover

Ref: UW 0090

"Herbs" | close up photography| lavender | framed wall art | photography | interior design


Ref: UW 0106

"Water drop on dry straw" | Springtime | Close up photography | Custom picture frames Bristol

Water drop on dry straw

Ref: UW 0113

"Small Spring" | Close up photography |nature| | nature | framed wall art Bristol

Small Spring

Ref: UW 0131

"Fungus flower on wood" | close up photo | forest | framed photo prints uk

Fungus flower on wood

Ref: UW 0183

"A little buddy Hidden in the woods 🌱🍄🌿🍃 ." high coloured close up - picture framer near me - Bristol

Red forest shroom

Ref: UW 0193

"shroom roof" | close up photography | focus on foreground | orange | photo prints and frame Bristol

Shroom roof

Ref: UW 0204

"Good morning .... aaaaaaand it rains again 🌲🌧" | close up | green nature | framed photo prints Bristol

Pine tree after the rain

Ref: UW 0218

"Reflection of a tree in a shell" - close up photography - nature - forest - bespoke picture framing Bristol

Reflection of a tree in a shell

Ref: UW 0227

" layered truth" | abstract photography | woodland | colourful | photo framer Bristol | Neil Warner Pictures

Fungus colours

Ref: UW 0242

"The skin I live in" | Skin of a pine tree | Close up photography | forest | picture framer Bristol

Skin of a pine tree

Ref: UW 0251

"hidden shell of a nut" | Close up photography | made to measure picture frame | Bristol

Hidden shell of a nut

Ref: UW 0311

"Random small autumn blossom" | close up photography | forest | blue flower |bespoke picture frames

Random small autumn blossom

Ref: UW 0939

"Beauty is all around us You only have to have the will to see it " | close up photography | flower | yellow | red | made to measure picture frames


Ref: UW 1181

"tulip at home" | close up photography | yellow and red flower | Picture framer Bristol

Tulip at home

Ref: UW 3031

"Decay of leave - Nothing is just black and white" | black and white | autumn | nature | interior decor | photoprints | Custom made picture frames

Decay of leave

Ref: UW 93e

"blowing clover" | close up photo | focus on foreground | purple | Neil Warner Pictures

Blowing Clover

Ref: UW 0021

"Autumn leaves from Birch Tree - autumn complexion" | close up photography | forest | yellow | framed wall art | framing photography

Autumn leaves from Birch Tree

Ref: UW 04d

"Winter is here ❄️" | Close up on snow | high contrast with soft background | Custom picture frames | photo library

Snowflake in company

Ref: UW 0091

"Moss forest" | Nature cose up | green | bespoke picture frames Bristol | photo prints

Moss forest

Ref: UW 0108

"Early Spring" | close up photography | picture library | photo prints

Early spring

Ref: UW 0124

"Spring is coming" | Close up photography | tree | blossom | forest | bespoke picture frames Bristol

Ref: UW 0176

"Fungus flower" | nature | close up photography | abstract | framed photo prints | photo library

Fungus flower

Ref: UW 0188

"thin thread." close up on a mushroom - orange and green - custom picture frames

Spider track

Ref: UW 0203

"Half eaten mushroom" | close up photography | forest | green | orange | focus on foregound | made to measure photo frames Bristol

Half eaten mushroom

Ref: UW 0212

"Moss bush after the rain" | close up photography | green nature | framed wall art near me

Moos bush after the rain

Ref: UW 0225

"Drops of life" | nature close up | rain drop | forest | Neil Warner Pictures | photo library | custom picture frames

Drop of life

Ref: UW 0236

"Macro photography isn't just taking images of the small things It teaches a lesson 🌱  If you look closely then you see there is a whole little world in thousands of other worlds. When you acknowledge the Small, you will understand that we are only a grain of dust in the universe. The big picture We are not superior, far away from that. Unless we overcome that thinking, we might move closer to understand we are nothing more than a moment of existence, living under the mercy of the right constellation of planets. " | green scenery | nature | framed photo prints Bristol

Moss blooming in the summer

Ref: UW 0250

"You have been always watched Always " | Close up photography | water drops on a tree | custom picture frame | photo libary bristol

Drop like eyes

Ref: UW 0263

"Colourful harvest" | close up photography | focus on foreground | framed photo prints

Colourful harvest

Ref: UW 0944

"young wheat" | macophotography | focus on foreground | green | personalised photo frame Bristol | art prints

Young wheat

Ref: UW 0946

"dried snack, root vegetables" | food photography | interior decor | framed wall art Bristol

Dried snack, root vegetables

Ref: UW 0011

"Space and ice crystal" | Close up | abstract photography | picture library for interior designer

Space and ice crystal

Ref: UW 6554

"Birch Tree" | close up photography | focus on foreground | wall decor | made to measure picture frame Bristol

Birch Tree

Ref: UW 0015

"view from below" | forest | Birch Tree | beige | Picture library Bristol

View from Below

Ref: UW 0029

"Birch Tree" | close up photography | focus on foreground | framed photoprints Bristol

Birch Tree

Ref: UW 03c

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