“There is no place like the beach... where the land meets the sea and the sea meets the sky” 
- Umair Siddiqui -

Ref : TB 18 136 - ''Sand Runners  Embleton Bay, Northumberland One of my late mum's, she was a photographer long before I was even thought of ;o)  Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia.'' - custom photo frames - stock photography

Sand runners

Ref : TB 18 136

Ref : TB 18 133 - ''Meanwhile....  ...whilst mum was photographing the light behind me, I'm looking the other way! It's so hard on that beach to tear one's eyes away from the castle! By the time I did turn round, all the drama that mum caught, (the last two shots posted), had faded.  Nikon FM2n and a very "grainy" Fujichrome Sensia'' - made to measure picture frame - photo library


Ref : TB 18 133

Ref : TB 18 159 - ''Embleton Sand and Sun  Sunrise at Embleton Bay, Northumberland.'' - framing photography - home decor

Embleton Sand and Sun

Ref : TB 18 159

Ref : TB 18 158 - ''Rippling sand  Embleton Bay, Northumberland, and the last of Dunstanburgh Castle from that holiday.'' - personalised photo frame - stock photo library

Rippling sand

Ref : TB 18 158

Ref : TB 18 157 - ''Bamburgh Light  Bamburgh Castle at evening, with stormy light.  Film.'' - custom picture frame - art photography

Bamburgh light

Ref : TB 18 157

Ref : TB 18 154 - 'Bamburgh Beach  Below Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland. Stormy light.'' - framed fine art consultants - picture library

Bamburgh Beach

Ref : TB 18 154

Ref : TB 18 155 - ''Bamburgh Beach reflections  Continuing the Bamburgh theme.  Copy from slide. Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia.'' - bespoke picture frame - photo library

Bamburgh Beach reflections

Ref : TB 18 155

Ref : TB 18 134 - ''Storm Light, Embleton Bay  With the beach huts towards Low-Newton-by-the-Sea.  Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia'' - bespoke picture framing services - Neil Warner Pictures

Storm light, Embleton Bay  

Ref : TB 18 134

Ref : TB 18 135 - ''Storm light minimalism  Embleton Bay and the beach huts towards Low-Newton-by-the-Sea.  Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia '' - framed fine art consultants - stock photography

Storm light, minimalism

Ref : TB 18 135

Ref : TB 18 156 - ''Bamburgh Beach "Under and Over"  Wave and clouds mirrored.  Copy from slide. Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia.'' - framed fine art consultants - picture framer Bristol

Bamburgh Beach, under and over

Ref : TB 18 156

Ref : TB 18 137 - ''On the rocks  ....and boy were they slippery!  Dawn at Dunstanburgh Castle.  Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Velvia 50'' - art photography - interior decor

On the rocks

Ref : TB 18 137

Ref : TB 18 139 - ''Dunstanburgh Sunrise 2  I prefer the composition of the last one, but the reflections on the wet rocks is better here. ;o)  This is exposure No.6 and the last was No.10, so this is the earlier of the two, probably only a few minutes between them. (I do miss not having exif data on the slides....though it never seemed to matter at the time.) Taken with Nikon FM2n with 24/2.8 Nikkor, about 20sec exposure.'' - personalised picture frame - photo library - home decor

Dunstanburgh sunrise 2

Ref : TB 18 139

Ref : TB 18 138 - ''Dawn, Dunstanburgh sands  I don't really think there is a "Dunstanburgh Sands", just "Embleton Bay", but it fitted ;o)'' - online photo gallery - picture framer Bristol

Dawn, Dunstanburgh sands

Ref : TB 18 138

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