Yorkshire Dales - Autumn Winter

Yorkshire Dales during Autumn and Winter 

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened.”

-Raquel Franco-

Ref : TB 17 033 - ''Sunset "Grab"  Out of sequence from my autumn hol shots. Took this yesterday on the way down from photographing up in the Brock Valley under the local Fells. The whole plain out to Blackpool covered in a cloud inversion. As I entered the edge of the cloud I saw this, managed to park, race back and shoot over the hedge! Would have liked to get the sun clear of the trees but this was the first low point in the hedge and the sun was dropping rapidly and the cloud rising rapidly, just managed one more a few yards further on before it vanished.'' - framed art installation - interior decor

Sunset grab 

Ref : TB 17 033

Ref : TB 20 212 | Malhamdale | Autumn mist in North Yorkshire Dales | landscape photography | picture library


Ref : TB 20 212

Ref : TB 17 049 - ''Birdie Brow early morning mist  Completely out of sequence from my Autumn Hol shots. Taken yesterday morning from Birdie Brow at the east end of Longridge Fell, overlooking Clitheroe, as the sun rose, (off right). The hill on the right is Pendle, and the steam on the left is from the Ribble Cement works (if they're still called that?).'' - Bespoke picture framing services - photo library

Birdie Brow early morning mist

Ref : TB 17 049

Ref : TB 18 149 - ''Frosty Wharfedale  My favourite from this frosty morning in Wharfedale, looking towards Appletreewick, (don't you just love that name!)  (Apologies to those who Fave'd my Bolton Priory Pano', I will be reposting it. It was out of sequence.)'' - custom made picture frame - Neil Warner Pictures - photo library

Frosty Wharfedale

Ref : TB 18 149

Ref : TB 18 098 - ''Appletreewick in Frost  Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales. A stag headed oak tree with just a few leaves clinging on'' - framed photo prints - bespoke picture framing

Appletreewick in Frost

Ref : TB 18 098

Ref : TB 20 213 | The lone tree and sunrays | North Yorkshire in Autumn | dramatic landscape | art photography | stock image library

The lone tree and sunrays

Ref : TB 20 213

Ref : TB 18 099 - ''Posforth Gill Force  A well positioned viewing rock from the path.'' - custom picture frame - photo framer Bristol

Posforth Gill force

Ref : TB 18 099

Ref : TB 18 091 - ''Scalaber Autumn 2  A lovely, ( yet nearly drizzling), morning spent around this wonderful waterfall. Scalaber Foss, near Settle. Yorkshire Dales. It looks so peaceful, but the roar of the falling water, after an hour or so, became too much for comfort! (I posted the Scalaber Autumn 1, upright version, taken just after this, a couple of weeks ago.)'' - photo gallery online - professional picture framer - Bristol

Scalaber Autumn 2

Ref : TB 18 091

Ref : TB 20 214  | Force nine, wet and windy | dramatic landscape | art photography | moody sky | lone tree | art framing

Force nine, wet and windy

Ref : TB 20 214

Ref : TB 18 092 - ''Bolton Priory  This is the closest I could get to a shot I'd long planned, of the Priory, from up on this terrace, surrounded by trees in full autumn colours and an "interesting" sky, all reflected in the river Wharfe . Not the conditions, plus lots of trees have been planted below the terrace, (just to the left of this), that now restrict (ie. completely hide!), the once good views of the Priory with reflection.'' - personalised picture frame - art photography

Bolton Priory 

Ref : TB 18 092

Ref : TB 19 190 - ''Floodlit Fountains, with blue wash!  Usually I strongly wished everyone would put away their LED torches, but here, where it wasn't directed into my lens, I really liked the effect.'' - installation of framed fine art - picture framer

Floodlit fountains wit blue wash!

Ref : TB 19 190

Ref : TB 18 097 - ''Trailblazer  Fountains Abbey, Drive-by evening, and the first car checks out the route'' - custom-made picture frame - photo library


Ref : TB 18 097

Ref : TB 18 094 - ''Neptune and the Temple of Piety  The seagull on head makes it for me. ;o)  The Moon pond at the 18th c. Studely Royal Water Gardens '' - bespoke picture framing service - framed fine art consultants - Neil Warner Pictures

Neptune and the temple of Piety

Ref : TB 18 094

Ref : TB 20 206 | Straight on | waterfall | autumn | woodlands | stock photo library

Straight on

Ref : TB 20 206

Ref : TB 20 216 | Scaleber Force | Nature photography | wooldlands and waterfalls | framed fine art prints consultants

Scaleber Force

Ref : TB 20 216

Ref : TB 20 222 | Autumn Grasses | nature photography | stock image | woodlands | interior decor

Autumn Grasses

Ref : TB 20 222

Ref : TB 20 207 | Fill Flood | Nature photography | waterfall and woodlands | Autumn in Yorkshire | framing photography

Full flood

Ref : TB 20 207

Ref : TB 20 208 | Scaleber and Autumn leaves | Nature photography | woodlands and waterfall | framed fine artprints consultants

Scaleber and Autumn leaves 

Ref : TB 20 208

Ref : TB 20 215 | Scaleber Compromise | woodlands | waterfall | nature photography | framed art for interior design

Scaleber Compromise

Ref : TB 20 215

Ref : TB 18 090 - ''Silver and gold  So glad to find a few golden pennies still hanging on. ;o)  Waterfalls develop their own air movement, and this was  one of a very few shots where the branch wasn't madly waving up and down.  Scale Haw Force, Lower Wharfedale.'' - framed photo prints - home decor

Silver and gold

Ref : TB 18 090

Ref : TB 18 093 - ''Across the Wharfe  Bolton Priory at sunrise, across the River Wharfe.'' - made to measure picture frames - photo library

Across the Wharfe

Ref : TB 18 093

Ref : TB 20 204 | Red Glow | Lone tree and sunrise | nature photography | clouds and colored lights | stock image library

Red glow

Ref : TB 20 204

Ref : TB 18 153 - ''Fountains Gloaming  Fountains Abbey, N. Yorkshire. This is my favourite angle of the Abbey, from the SE, here from the path, (though lower, from the grass is also pleasing.)  Unaccustomed as I am to night photography, I was doing a lot of experimenting, exposure wise, this holiday. This is using 3 exposures in Lr6 "Photo Merge HDR". Hopefully it doesn't in the least look like an HDR image!.  If only the "gloaming" lasted longer!'' - framed fine art consultants - photo library - home decor

Fountains gloaming

Ref : TB 18 153

Ref : TB 20 205 | Softly at Lone Tree | Nature photograpy | art framing | sunrise and pink sky | custom picture frames

Softly at the Lone tree

Ref : TB 20 205

Ref : TB 18 100 - ''Another morning  I hope this rock formation (the Blacksmith's anvil), hasn't become too boring to my viewers? It is too easy, being just 200 m from the car park, and I never found better. Whilst I was there that morning, there was another photographer who wandered around, but as far as I could tell, never got his camera out. The sky was a mass of vapour trails. More disciplined than me! Brimham Rocks, sunrise.'' - art framing

Another morning

Ref : TB 18 100

Ref : TB 20 209 | Lone Tree Sunrise Sunstar 2 | Nature photography | Sun glow when rising | cloudy and colorful sky | nature photography

Lone Tree Sunrise Sunstar 2

Ref : TB 20 209

Ref : TB 19 187 - ''Full sun!  I am not a fan of sunstars, but I had no choice, as with my copy of the Sony FE 24-105mm, I only get edge sharpness fairly well stopped down, where the stars are "startling"!  Brimham Rocks.'' - picture framer Bristol

Full sun!

Ref : TB 19 187

Ref : TB 18 096 - ''It begins  The drive-by at Fountains Abbey  (Sadly too long an exposure to keep the stars as points.)'' - bespoke picture frame - art photography - interiors
Ref : TB 18 095 - ''Floodlit Fountains  Fountains Abbey, Floodlit evening. I've tried to "subdue" the distracting vehicle trails here, as they overwhelmed the Abbey lighting.  I missed a trick as I was concentrating so hard on the Abbey lighting and exposure, (and not falling in), that I forgot the stars! (The strong lights hid them to my eyes, but not from the camera!) In 120secs, they travel a surprisingly long way. (I've cloned out the 100 or so most distracting.) I should of course, have upped ISO, opened aperture and used a short enough exposure to keep them as stars!'' - personalised picture frame - stock photo library
Ref : TB 20 210 | Lone Tree Sunrise Sunstar | Sun glowing as it rises | Red glow | cloudy and colorful sky | stock photo library for interior design

Lone Tree Sunrise Sunstar 

Ref : TB 20 210

Ref : TB 20 211 | Sunrise at the Lone Tree | Red glow at Sunrise | Cloudy and colorful Sky  | photo library for wall decor

Sunrise at the Lone Tree 

Ref : TB 20 211

It begins ...

Ref : TB 18 096

Floodlit fountains

Ref : TB 18 095

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