Yorkshire Dales - Spring Summer

Yorkshire Dales during Spring and Summer 

 It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke-

Ref : TB 19 202 - ''Pixie caps in Blue  Lovely to see the pale yellow stamens and pollen this close in, and blue stripes down each "bell". Somewhere I have my mother's collection of Margaret Tarrant "Flower Fairy" post-cards, though I'm not sure if I have the bluebell one?'' - personalised photo frame  - picture library

Pixie capes in Blue

Ref : TB 19 202

Ref : TB 19 198 - ''Spring bells  Ringing bells ;o)'' - framed fine art consultants - bespoke picture frame

Spring bell

Ref : TB 19 198

Ref : TB 19 200 - ''A favourite bluebell place  In the Brock valley, N. Lancashire.  The RAW file was very contrasty, taken when the sun was really too strong and high up. I've tried using a lot of "negative clarity" in Lr and I think it's given it new life, and a rather "painterly" look.'' - art photography - photo library
Ref : TB 19 196 - ''Standing out from the crowd 3  I missed this one on my first trawl through my shots, (this is a wider version of "Softc 1")  This was definitely my best day's photography among the bluebells this year.  Brock Valley'' - personalised photo frame - stock photography

Standing out from the crowd 3

Ref : TB 19 196

Ref : TB 19 177 - ''Busy bee '' - close up photography - wild flowers - picture framer Bristol - made to measure photo frame - photo library
Ref : TB 19 194 - 'Bluebell Carpet  We speak of a "blanket" of snow, but a "carpet" of bluebells...and many other such things. ;o)'' - photo gallery - bespoke picture frame

Bluebell carpet

Ref : TB 19 194

Ref : TB 19 173 - ''The Low-Down  My favourite from the Muker wildflower meadows that day. The light was just beginning to get more "interesting" ie, contrasty, after having been very "flat", but it proved to be the last of the day as rain clouds gathered and stopped my play.  Swaledale.'' - custom made picture frame - home decor
REf : TB 19 192 - ''Hyacynth dream.  Again, no photoshopped effects, just another "look" of the Meyer Trioplan triplet design lens.'' - picture framer Bristol - stock photo library

Hyacynth dream

Ref : TB 19 192

Ref : TB 19 191 - ''In a sea of blue  Fern frond in a sea of bluebells.  For some reason, greens have an extra "zing" with the Meyer Trioplan lens.'' - framed fine art consultants Bristol - interior decor

Busy bee

Ref : TB 19 177

The Low-Down

Ref : TB 19 173

In a sea of blue

Ref : TB 19 191

Ref : TB 19 201 - ''Recycling  Some parts off the wood are littered with the fallen, making photography difficult. here I felt the single mossy trunk added something to the shot.'' - framed fine art consultants - picture framer
Ref : TB 19 195 - ''Spring Glory  Scenes like this, make me cry out in praise of God.  Early morning in a bluebell wood in the North West of England, with the birds singing fit to burst, (how can a tiny wren produce such a volume of wonderful sound?!)  I try to get here every year at this time, (it doesn't always work out.) Every year I hope for some mist too....maybe next year? ;o)  We may not have the extent of the Southern bluebell woods, but the details are just as good up here.'' - art framing - design - photography
Ref : TB 19 199 - ''Looking Forward  With a lovely spring-like day today, with the first lambs in our local fields, my thoughts turned to the haze of bluebells in a few months in the local woods.  I've had a love affair photographing bluebells, for longer than I care to mention. I realised I have 20 days worth of unprocessed, unselected blue bell shots on my hard-ddrive, going back to 2009, so I'm starting to sort them. This is one of my favourite places, in the Brock Valley, not far from Garstang, Lancashire.'' - custom picture frames - landscape photography

A favourite bluebell place

Ref : TB 19 200


Ref : TB 19 201

Spring glory

Ref : TB 19 195

Looking forward

Ref : TB 19 199

Ref : TB 17 078 - ''Kisdon Force  The two Falls, on the River Swale below Keld in upper Swaledale. It must be a wonderful sight (and sound), after heavy rain!  Rather a steep muddy path to get down to here from the main track, but with a knotted rope thoughtfully provided. Didn't help that I inadvertently sat down, half way down it, and found it was also a very WET, muddy path :-(  Still a lovely bonus once the solid rock reached, of the two Kisdon falls.'' - framed fine art consultants - professional picture framer

Kisdon force

Ref : TB 17 078

Ref : TB 19 197 - ''Breaking through  One thing I've always wanted in my local bluebell wood, is some mist, especially with sun breaking through. There have been times when I've gone up in thick mist only to find the woods are clear. They're too high up in the fells. The tiny hint in the treetops here, is the most I've seen there in more than 20 years. I keep hoping each year that it will happen....when the bluebells are out of course.'' - made to measure picture frame - picture library

Breaking through

Ref : TB 19 197

Ref : TB 18 112 - ''A special corner  As the sun rose, this far corner of the little wood beckoned.  Brock Valley  According to www.plantlives.com/docs/H/Hyacinthoides_non-scripta.pdf, the English Bluebell has many other names (from different parts of the country), here are just a few I liked: Bell bottle, Blue bonnets, Blue trumpets, Cuckoo’s boots, Cuckoo’s stockings, Fairy bells, Granfer-griggles, Pride of the wood, Ring-o’-bells, Wild hyacinth, Wood hyacinth and Wood bells.'' - personalised photo frame - art photography

A special corner

Ref : TB 18 112

REf : TB 17 019 - ''Dream of Things to Come  Last year, 1st May in the Brock woods at the same spot as the last but one download.  I love it here just after sunrise. The woods are filled with the songs of Song Thrushes and Blackcaps, the Gt. Spotted Woodpecker is drumming, Roe deer and Hares are about and the air perfumed with hyacinth, and no one else is around.  Praise The Lord!'' - personalised picture frame - Neil Warner Pictures

Dream of things to come

Ref : TB 17 019

Ref : TB 19 160 - ''The Road to Nell Bank     Last light at Whiterow Road, Waldendale, Yorkshire Dales'' - framed fine art consultants - photo library

The road to Nell Bank

Ref : TB 19 160

Ref : TB 19 170 - ''Wensleydale light  A hazy Wensleydale soon after sunrise.  From Witton Steeps, above West Witton.'' - professional picture framer Bristol - photo library for interior decor

Wensleydale light

Ref : TB 19 170

Ref : TB 18 086 - ''Early light, West Witton  Fields near West Witton in Wensleydale, shortly after sunrise in June.  Another version in 1st comment box below'' - bespoke picture framing service - stock photography

Early light, West Witton

Ref : TB 17 086

Ref : TB 17 072 - ''Wensleydale Sunrise  Near Aysgarth. 4.55am  Ash trees abound in the Dales, it would be devastating to lose them to this latest tree disease.'' - art framing - interior decor

Wensleydale Sunrise

Ref : TB 17 072

REf : TB 19 176 - ''The Track to Muker  Early summer in Swaledale'' - online photo gallery - art framing

The track to Muker

Ref : TB 19 176

Ref : TB 17 076 - ''Fields of Gold  Upper Swaledale. Early morning, from above Thwaite looking up towards Angram. Buttercups in profusion.'' - personalised picture frames - stock photo library

Fields of gold

Ref : TB 17 076

Ref : TB 20 223 | May light and shades | Spring in Yorkshire dale | green flieds | stock photography

May light and shades 

Ref : TB 20 223

Ref : TB 18 106 - ''Darling buds of May  .....or "Spring jewels"  After the overnight rain, and no wind, all the trees were laden with rain drops. Here, on the buds of May blossom. However, the slightest touch on any branch, brought a whole shower down on both me and the camera...and this close in it was hard not to.'' - custom picture frame - art photography - interiors

Darling buds of May or Spring jewels

Ref : TB 18 106

Ref : TB 20 224 | Wharfedale Meadows | Spring in Yorkshire dales | VIew of the Meadows | framed fine art prints constultants

Wharfedale Meadows

Ref : TB 20 224

Ref : TB 19 172 - ''Wensleydale Nettles  As the mist dispersed, it left everything laden with a heavy dew.  Near West Witton. '' - custom picture frame - art framing

Wensleydale nettles

Ref : TB 19 172

Ref : TB 20 226 | Scaleber Splash | VIew of the waterfall in Spring | wooldlands | nature photography | art framing

Scaleber Splash 

Ref : TB 20 226

Ref : TB 19 175 - ''Cotter Force, (right bank)  ...and a helpful fallen strand of ivy ;o)  Near Hawes, in Wensleydale.'' - made to measure picture frame - art photography

Cotter force (right bank)

Ref : TB 19 175

Ref : TB 20 225 | Gyles Flora | fern growing between rocks | Yorkshire dales Spring | phto library for interior decor

Gykes Flora

Ref : TB 20 225

Ref : TB 19 193 - ''Beech "Spangles"  ...it's the Meyer Trioplan 100mm again, with its "triplet" design and amazing effects. ;o)  Fresh young beech leaves "set off" by the highlights off a small holly bush in my local Brock woodlands (NW England)'' - custom picture frame - photo library

Beech spangles

Ref : TB 19 193

Ref : TB 17 077 - ''Wensleydale Sunrise  As the sun rose, mist formed in the valley and then as it rose further into this thin bank of clouds, the rays were formed.  From Witton Steeps above West Witton, Wensleydale.'' - manufacture of bespoke picture frame - photography

Wensleydale Sunrise

Ref : TB 17 077

Ref : TB 19 174 - ''Swaledale Wildflower Walk  To inject some colour to my photostream,. and a rare thing for me... people! ;o)  Near the start of the walk through the Muker Hay Meadows in Swaledale, the pink "bottlebrush" Bistort was especially good this year. '' - personalised photo frame - stock images library - interior decor

Wensleydale wildflower walk

Ref : TB 19 174

Ref : TB 19 171 - ''Mist in the Dale  Sunrise, near West Witton, Wensleydale.'' - bespoke picture framing services

Mist in the Dale

Ref : TB 19 171

Ref : TB 17 071 - ''"Solitude"  Trying to think of a suitable title, I zoomed in on the narrow boat's name, and there it was, "Solitude"! I couldn't have thought up anything better!  Lancaster Canal near Moon's Bridge, north of Preston.'' - custom-made picture frame - professional photo framer Bristol


Ref : TB 17 071

Ref : TB 17 042 - ''A new day  From Moons Bridge on the Lancaster canal, north of Preston.  I'd planned to have a red sun atop those trees plus its reflection, but I didn't engage brain first and mistimed it by nearly 20 mins! (The sun here was just out of frame, top right corner)  It was a wonderful time to be out and about anyway, with the dawn chorus in full song.'' - bespoke picture frame - art photography - stock library

A new day

Ref : TB 17 042

Ref : TB 18 089 - ''Combed mist  The mist appeared to be almost boiling through the trees, as it swirled and seethed on the wind.  Oxnop, Swaledale'' - online photo gallery - art photography

Combed mist - Light and mist in the trees

Ref : TB 18 089

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