Astonishing skies

Astonishing skies

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” 
- John Lubbock, The Use Of Life -

Ref : TB 18 137 - ''On the rocks  ....and boy were they slippery!  Dawn at Dunstanburgh Castle.  Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Velvia 50'' - art photography - picture library - interior decor

On the rocks

Ref : TB 18 137

Ref : TB 18 139 - ''Dunstanburgh Sunrise 2  I prefer the composition of the last one, but the reflections on the wet rocks is better here. ;o)  This is exposure No.6 and the last was No.10, so this is the earlier of the two, probably only a few minutes between them. (I do miss not having exif data on the slides....though it never seemed to matter at the time.) Taken with Nikon FM2n with 24/2.8 Nikkor, about 20sec exposure.'' - framed photo prints - picture library - wall decor

Dunstanburgh Sunrise 2

Ref : TB 18 139

Ref : TB 18 154 - ''Bamburgh Beach  Below Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland. Stormy light.'' - custom-made picture frame - photo library

Bamburgh Beach

Ref : TB 18 154

Ref : TB 18 155 - ''Bamburgh Beach reflections  Continuing the Bamburgh theme.  Copy from slide. Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia.'' - bespoke picture frame - art photography

Bamburgh Beach refelctions

Ref : TB 18 155

Ref : TB 18 156 - ''Bamburgh Beach "Under and Over"  Wave and clouds mirrored.  Copy from slide. Nikon FM2n Fujichrome Sensia.'' - made to measure photo frames - interior decor

Bamburgh Beach under and over

Ref : TB 18 156

Ref : TB 18 157 - ''Bamburgh Light  Bamburgh Castle at evening, with stormy light.  Film.'' - framed fine art consultants - picture framer - Bristol

Bamburgh light

Ref : TB 18 157

Ref : TB 18 158 - ''Rippling sand  Embleton Bay, Northumberland, and the last of Dunstanburgh Castle from that holiday.'' - art photography - interior decor - personalised photo frame

Rippling sand

Ref : TB 18 158

Ref : TB 18 159 - ''Embleton Sand and Sun  Sunrise at Embleton Bay, Northumberland.'' - Picture framing services in Bristol - home decor

Embleton sand and sun

Ref : TB 18 159

Ref : TB 20 209 | Lone Tree sunrise, Sunstar 2 | Nature photography | Colorful sky | Sun glowing as it rises | Custom art framing

Lone Tree sunrise, Sunstar 2

Ref : TB 20 209

Ref : TB 20 210 | Lone Tree Sunrise | Nature photography | dramatic landscape | sun glows as it rises | cloudy and colorful sky | stock photo library for interior design

Lone Tree sunrise, Sunstar 

Ref : TB 20 210

Ref : TB 20 211 | Sunrise at the Lone Tree | Nature photography | colorful sunrise | cloudy sky | red glow reflecting on clouds | framed art for public space

Sunrise at the Lone Tree

Ref : TB 20 211

Ref : TB 18 187 | Full Sun! | Sunrise | Sun glowing as it rises | landscape photography | bespoke art framing | stock photo library for interior design

Full Sun! 

Ref : TB 18 187

Ref : TB 20 204 | Red Glow Lone Tree | Nature photography | dramatic landscape | sun rising on a moody sky | colorful clouds | photo library for wall decor

Red glow, Lone Tree

Ref : TB 20 204

Ref : TB 20 205 | Softly at the Lone Tree | nature photography | colorful sky |dramatic scenery | stock photo library

Softly at the Lone Tree

Ref : TB 20 205

Ref : TB 17 072 - ''Wensleydale Sunrise  Near Aysgarth. 4.55am  Ash trees abound in the Dales, it would be devastating to lose them to this latest tree disease.'' - custom photo frame - stock photography

Wensleydale Sunrise

Ref : TB 17 072

Ref : TB 17 084 - ''Pot of Gold  From Loughrigg Tarn, in lovely "changeable" autumn conditions.  The Langdale Pikes are "looming" through heavy rain. What I can't remember at this stretch of time, is whether I got soaked, before or after taking this. ;o)   '' - interior decor - framed fine art installation

Pot of gold

Ref : TB 17 084

REf : TB 17 030 - ''...and all fell silent!  Very much a work in progress. (I may try enfusing/blending the exposures and work from that.)     I haven't mastered getting the sky AND the base as I want them..together! I can get the base right without the sky and vica versa, (the sky always looks better...more definition, processed in DPP!), this is a mid way compromise and more obviously "processed" than I intended it to look, but I wanted the dark, "mystical" feel.     There can't be many who, over the years, have visited Castlerigg more times, very early in the morning, hoping for mist down the valley (Naddle), to separate the stones from the fellside, and never had any! (Here I only had some background haze to work with.)     The best visit was just after rain when the sun started to show reflecting on the wet stones. (On mid format film...which I haven't got round to scanning yet, but I'm sure they would look good in monochrome.)'' - framed fine art consultants - online photo library

...And it all fell silent!

Ref : TB 17 030

Ref : TB 18 126 - ''Wastwater Contrast 2  10 minutes later than the last, and the bursts of sunlight on The Screes continued, whilst the sun was dropping fast and no longer lighting the foreground, but the drama of the clouds down the lake got even better, so I chose a horizontal format to include more of them.  As so often I had two to choose from that were equal in my preference. The dark showers are perhaps better below, but the reflection and Screes above...???  See in first comment below for the other.'' - made to measure photo frame - stock photo library

Waswater contrast

Ref : TB 18 126

Ref : TB 17 034 - '' the day begins" Version 2  I realised on reviewing the last shot that I should have reset the white balance, this is more as I remember it, but I think both work?'' - custom picture frame - Bristol

...As the day begins

Ref : TB 17 034

Ref : TB 17 079 - ''Grasmere dawn Leaving behind a misty Derwentwater in dawn light, to meet friends at Hodge Close quarry...I just couldn't not stop for a short while en-route! '' - bespoke picture framing services - custom made photo frame

Grasmere dawn

Ref : TB 17 079

Ref : TB 17 042 - ''A new day  From Moons Bridge on the Lancaster canal, north of Preston.  I'd planned to have a red sun atop those trees plus its reflection, but I didn't engage brain first and mistimed it by nearly 20 mins! (The sun here was just out of frame, top right corner)  It was a wonderful time to be out and about anyway, with the dawn chorus in full song.'' - art photography - picture framer

A new day

Ref : TB 17 042

Ref : TB 17 071 - ''"Solitude"  Trying to think of a suitable title, I zoomed in on the narrow boat's name, and there it was, "Solitude"! I couldn't have thought up anything better!  Lancaster Canal near Moon's Bridge, north of Preston.'' - made to measure picture frame - online photo library - interior decor


Ref : TB 17 071

Ref : TB 19 171 - ''Mist in the Dale  Sunrise, near West Witton, Wensleydale.'' - online photo gallery - framing photography

Mist in the Dales

Ref : TB 19 171

Ref : TB 17 009 - ''Evening Ray 3, Derwentwater  I find it difficult to cut this little sequence down!!'' - bespoke picture frame - photo library

Evening ray 3

Ref : TB 17 009

Ref : TB 18 142 - ''My favourite  My favourite from that morning, (and the holiday). To really enter into the sense of it, you need to hear the "drumming" of snipe from the wetland behind, the calling of geese across the lake, and the cuckoos from the fells on each side! It was a wonderful morning.'' - bespoke picture frame - art photography

My favourite

Ref : TB 18 142

Ref : TB 18 102 - ''Breakthrough 2  As the sun rose, blue sky started to appear and the fog rolled across Derwentwater. Then, as the fog thinned in the trees, the sun began to burst through. This always thrills me, as, after years of Landscape photography, it is still a relatively rare me at least.'' - professional picture framer - stock photography

Breakthrought 2

Ref : TB 18 102

Ref : TB 18 109 - ''The Veil draws back reveal Derwentwater, blue sky and sun, from Myrtle Bay.'' - bespoke picture frame - Neil Warner Pictures

The veil draws back

Ref : TB 18 109

Ref : TB 17 060 - ''Sunrise Colours  High water levels again.  I was actually ready to go straight back home....I'd had enough "Autumn Weather", but as I'd booked the Patterdale site and paid the deposit........'' - personalised picture frame - home decor

Sunrise colours

Ref : TB 17 060

Ref : TB 18 101 - ''Dawn Magic  Derwentwater dawn. Mist and reflections, geese calling and cuckoo too. It transported me to worship the Lord, the Creator. I love this time of day, and I so nearly missed the hint of high red colour that morning, it so often precedes the real sunrise time, and was there so briefly.'' - online photo gallery - framing photography

Dawn magic

Ref : TB 18 101

Ref : TB 17 011 - '' Derwentwater Sunrise.  Across the lake from below Friar's Crag towards Catbells and the Coledale Fells.'' - personalised photo frame - stock images

Derwentwater sunrise 

Ref : TB 17 011

Ref : TB 17 048 - ''Sunrise Symmetry  Sunrise, Otter Island, Abbot's Bay, Derwentwater. Unusual for me not to be asymmetrical, with some foreground stones and less sky, but I think this works like this? ...and no doubt there be more, with stones ;o)'' - bespoke picture framing service - photo library

Sunrise symmetry

Ref : TB 17 048

Ref : TB 17 077 - ''Wensleydale Sunrise  Near Aysgarth. 4.55am  Ash trees abound in the Dales, it would be devastating to lose them to this latest tree disease.'' - art framing - picture framer Bristol - interiors

Wensleydale Sunrise

Ref : TB 17 077

Ref : TB 19 183 - ''A new day dawns  The first shot of another day. Myrtle Bay, Derwentwater. Light in the NE, in the "notch" between Walla Crag and Blencathra.'' - made to measure picture frame - framed fine art for interior decor

A new dawn

Ref : TB 19 183

Ref : TB 19 186 - ''Sunset reflection, Derwentwater. 2  No rays going up from the sun this evening, but some colourful clouds reflected.'' - installation of framed art - professional picture framer

Sunset reflections

Ref : TB 19 186

Ref : TB 18 118 - ''Brandelhow Dawn  Early light and colour at the landing stage at Brandelhow, on Derwentwater.'' - instalaltion of framed fine art - photo library

Brandlehow dawn

Ref : TB 18 118

Ref : TB 17 062 - ''Peat Barn Dawn II  If anyone has followed the comments of my previous post, you'll have seen the progression of my processing with this colour version. This is my 4th attempt, and close to how I remembered it and how I intended it to look when I took it. The breakthrough came when I altered the individual R G B channels in curves, instead of manipulating only in the combined RGB setting. This opens new possibilities for me...and a whole can of worms, as I'm not sure I can cope with too much more choice!  The above was with increased red channel and decreased blue channel, green channel untouched. The only downside is less defined clouds, which is one of the reasons I still prefer the mono version!'' -  framed fine art consultants - picture framer - Bristol

Peat barn dawn II

Ref : TB 17 062

Ref : TB 19 188 - ''Peat Barn Sunrise  I arrived puffing like a grampus after rushing the steepish walk from Boot, just in time to catch the first colours as the sun began rising above Hardknott at the eastern end of Eskdale.  There are a group of these peat huts/barns in this area above Boot, which a few years ago were all ruins, but now a couple have been restored as here, though for animal feed, not peat storage.  Some delightful names along the little ridge opposite like, Little Pie and Peelplace Noddle. The farm below is Gill Bank just above Whillan Beck. The "mountain" above the barn is Birker Fell.'' - Neil Warner Pictures - picture framing and photo library services - interior decor

Peat Barn sunrise

Ref : TB 19 188

Ref : TB 18 100 | Another morning | Sunrise lights | pink lights in the blue sky | nature photography | bespoke art framing

Another morning

Ref : TB 18 100

Ref : TB 18 138 - ''Dawn, Dunstanburgh sands  I don't really think there is a "Dunstanburgh Sands", just "Emblet'' - made to measure picture frames - stock photography - framed fine art

Dawn, Dunstanburgh sands

Ref : TB 18 138

Ref : TB 18 111 - ''Reflected Glory  Sunrise across Derwentwater, reflected back from the West, over Causey Pike and the Coledale Fells. Friars Crag to the right.  (God's paintbrush again.) This was as strong as it got, which I think is pretty strong for reflected colour, (I've kept this a bit dark to emphasize the intensity), but the real "Wow!" vivid salmon orange/pink colour was above and behind me towards the east....but with a hill inbetween, and no suitable foreground.     PS. Don't ducks swim fast, when you're using a slow shutter speed ;o)'' - interior design - framed fine art consultants - picture framer

Reflected glory

Ref : TB 18 111

Ref : TB 17 082 - ''Crummock Glow 2  Many might prefer the extra "drama" of this shot to the last, but I prefer the subtleties of the last, and here, only 5 minutes later, the mist had gone!.  Also, here the 30D sensor/processor are at or beyond their limit. There is little that I can do with the file, that doesn't immediately produce artifacts, and the resolution/colour depth in the red is very poor. All parts of the reason why I immediately upgraded to the FF 5D after this holiday. Apart from that...I still like it. ;o)'' - framed photo prints - photo library

Crummock glow 2

Ref : TB 17 082

Ref : TB 17 082 - ''......up a bit!  (See description of previous upload for explanation of title.)  Of course this time I'd cut into the lower stone and half a stone doesn't work, so I've trimmed it out! (It was dark!) The intensity of the "glow" from the lights of Keswick, was fading fast as the dawn light strengthened.  Brandlehow Jetty, Derwentwater.'' - custom picture frame - art photography - home decor

... up a bit

Ref : TB 18 110

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