Lake District - Autumn and Winter

Lake District National Park - Autumn and Winter 

''Fall colors are funny. They’re so bright and intense and beautiful. It’s like nature is trying to fill you up with color, to saturate you so you can stockpile it before winter turns everything muted and dreary."

- Siobhan Vivian, American novelist - 

Ref : TB 17 061 - ''The View from Irton Church. 2  The lighting was changing rapidly with a strong wind blowing the clouds from the west. (In fact most of my photographs of Hall Santon Farm with the 70-200mm @ 200mm and 1/15-1/30 sec, were spoilt by camera movement, due to the wind vibrating the tripod legs.)  Here, with the widest view I took, the snowy domed top of Seatallan can be seen on the far left.  I suspect that the craggy top of Latterbarrow (seen from here under The Screes), would have been another excellent viewpoint and that would have included the Lake, however, I'm not sure how accessible it is in the midst of the forestry.''  - custom-made picture frames - photo library

The View from Irtom Church 2

Ref : TB 17 061

Ref : TB 19 188 - ''Peat Barn Sunrise  I arrived puffing like a grampus after rushing the steepish walk from Boot, just in time to catch the first colours as the sun began rising above Hardknott at the eastern end of Eskdale.  There are a group of these peat huts/barns in this area above Boot, which a few years ago were all ruins, but now a couple have been restored as here, though for animal feed, not peat storage.  Some delightful names along the little ridge opposite like, Little Pie and Peelplace Noddle. The farm below is Gill Bank just above Whillan Beck. The "mountain" above the barn is Birker Fell.'' - art photography - framed fine art - picture framer Bristol

Peat Barn sunrise

Ref : TB 19 188

Ref : TB 17 014 - ''Early Light, Derwentwater, Reflected. 2  The tree silhouettes from Derwent Island here as there are more foreground stones to choose from on this side of the Crag'' - art framing - interiors - photo library

Early light, Derwentwater

Ref : TB 17 014

Ref : TB 17 012 - ''Cloud on Cloud, Reflecting Derwentwater 2  These two are my favourites of the morning as the early sun lit the mountains and lower clouds.  L to R  High Spy, Maiden Moor, Catbells (all one ridge), Causey Pike, Barrow and Derwent Island on Right edge.  I'm loving the 17mm  Soon after I took this the reflections vanished for the day.'' -  framed fine art consultants - picture framing Bristol

Cloud on cloud reflections

Ref : TB 17 012

Ref : TB 17 039 - ''Minimalist Wastwater  I think this or the mono version are my favourites from the morning.  The sun now fully on Yewbarrow'' - personalised photo frames

Minimalist water

Ref : TB 17 039

Ref : TB 17 010 - ''Crummock Water Shore.  A lovely shoreline.  Not enough reflections on this day for the "classic" shot with the wall and fence.'' - art framing - design photography - interiors

Crummock water shore

Ref : TB 17 010

Ref : TB 17 074 - ''Changes  Ullswater. A quiet morning.  Changing seasons, rain coming in, and a breeze starting to blow away the reflections.'' - professional picture framer Bristol - artprints framing


Ref : TB 17 074

Ref : TB 17 011 - ''Derwentwater Sunrise.  Across the lake from below Friar's Crag towards Catbells and the Coledale Fells.'' - custom picture frames Bristol

Derwentwater sunrise

Ref : TB 17 011

Ref : TB 17 006 - ''Sunset, Calf Close Bay. 1  Loved the tranquility here.  Lens flare a problem with the 24-105mm at 24mm with the sun just out of shot, even when "flagged" - framed art installation - design photography

Sunset, Calf Close Bay, 1 

Ref : TB 17 006

Ref : TB 17 063 - ''Mid Morning reflections, Wastwater  The morning was superb.  As usual several to choose from (see first comments post below.) Ultimately it was the strongly angled foreground and the cloud "signals" over Yewbarrow of this one that swayed me..'' - installation of framed fine art prints - art photography

Midmorning reflections

Ref : TB 17 063

REF : tb 17 052 - ''Cloud capped Scafell  From close to the mouth of Netherbeck, Wastwater, looking up Hollow Stones, the valley under Lingmell and Sca Fell and Scafell Pike.'' - Photo library - art framing

Cloud capped scafell

Ref : TB 17 052

Ref : TB 17 004 - Blue Day, Derwentwater  Beginning to long for a few clouds but at least there are some reflections now on the lake - framing photography - interior design

Blue day, Derwentwater

Ref : TB 17 004

Ref : TB 19 189 - ''Full sun!  I am not a fan of sunstars, but I had no choice, as with my copy of the Sony FE 24-105mm, I only get edge sharpness fairly well stopped down, where the stars are "startling"!  Brimham Rocks.'' - design photography - bespoke picture frame - photo library

Shingle Bay, Buttermere dawn

Ref : TB 19 189

Ref : TB 19 185 - ''Buttermere Dawn 24.10.10 (Merged)  I don't really have a clue what I'm doing when I use the exposure merging tool (Bracketeer) and Photoshop, there are too many myriad options to play with.  This looks "about right"!'' - framed wall art - personalised photo frame - Bristol

Buttermere Dawn

Ref : TB 19 185

Ref : TB 17 058 - ''Buttermere Morning Reflections  Soon after taking this the reflections blew away, and walkers started to appear from every direction. The Main mountain peak here is High Crag, with Haystacks to the left above the pines.  Normally some clouds are essential, but I think that there is so much going on already with this scene that for once I prefer it cloudless.'' - custom picture frame - stock photography

Buttermere morning

Ref : TB 17 058

Ref : TB 17 053 - ''Stable Hills Reflected  The mist finally dispersed around 10.30am and the autumn colour refections shone through. Surprisingly (and disappointingly), as the mist blew off left, the smoke from the chimney was being blown away to the right rather than rising into the stillness.'' - manufacture of made to measure picture frame - Bristol

Stable hills reflected

Ref : TB 17 053

Ref : TB 20 220 | Front row, Dent | small town street | cloudy sky and sunshine | framing photography

Front row, Dent 

Ref : TB 20 220

Ref : TB 18 132 - ''"..Seven Geese a Swimming...."  ...But not before saying...... "A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL"  If you have been, thanks for looking and encouraging me, and all the best for 2012  (Oh, alright, they should be Seven Swans a swimming, but there weren't six of them and they weren't a laying!)'' - framing photography - art design - interiors

Seven geese swimming

Ref : TB 18 132

Ref : TB 20 221 | Dent centre | small town street | North England | stock image

Dent centre

Ref : TB 20 221

Ref : TB 17 008 - Derwentwater ripples  Back to my Autumn Holiday, still on 12.10.10  The recent snow and ice has been luring me out, so I've not been on the computer for a while.  "Ripples" from the launch again from Calfclose Bay - framing photography - art design - consultants

Derewentwater ripples 

Ref : TB 17 008

Ref : TB 20 218 | Between a rock and a hard place | View of waterfall | Lake district in winter | Stock photo library Bristol

Between a rock and a hard place 

Ref : TB 20 218

Ref : TB 17 041 - Out of the mist  I'm very pleased with how this one has turned out, It's my favourite from the morning.     It was all changing so fast that I was really shooting by instinct,(although "instinct" honed by 40 years photography, not that that means it always turns out right! Lol)  What surprises me is how often one that didn't especially stand out when taking, does so when reviewing.'' - bespoke picture framing services Bristol - design photography

Out of the mist

Ref : TB 17 041

Ref : TB 17 044 - ''Pines, Mist and sun  A slightly wider treatment this time.  The inset shows what I remember the brilliance looking like to the eyes, but I think that just looks overexposed as a photo.'' - art framing - photo library - frame art consultants

Pines mist and sun

Ref : TB 17 044

Ref : TB 17 021 - ''Reflecting Rydal 2  As usual I can't decide which composition of the three I prefer! Possibly this one, but then again.....  C/Y 135/2.8  I love the crispness, colour and contrast that the images have from this lens, even better than the 35-70. However I'm selling it (the Zeiss Contax C/Y135/2.8), as it is a focal length I so rarely use and therefore rarely carry. On this day I'd left the 100mm out to accommodate the 135mm and 90% of the time I wished I'd got the 100 over the 135. The 100 is very good too. In fact I've another hard choice to make between the Zuiko 100/2 and the Nikkor 105/2.5, both excellent, but I can't afford to keep both.  I'm definitely selling the 100mm Macro Tokina as it just doesn't please me when used manually, (which I do all the time)...another great performer though.'' - Bristol professional picture framer

Reflecting Rydal

Ref : TB 17 021

Ref : TB 17 030 - ''and all fell silent!  Very much a work in progress. (I may try enfusing/blending the exposures and work from that.)     I haven't mastered getting the sky AND the base as I want them..together! I can get the base right without the sky and vica versa, (the sky always looks better...more definition, processed in DPP!), this is a mid way compromise and more obviously "processed" than I intended it to look, but I wanted the dark, "mystical" feel.     There can't be many who, over the years, have visited Castlerigg more times, very early in the morning, hoping for mist down the valley (Naddle), to separate the stones from the fellside, and never had any! (Here I only had some background haze to work with.)     The best visit was just after rain when the sun started to show reflecting on the wet stones. (On mid format film...which I haven't got round to scanning yet, but I'm sure they would look good in monochrome.)     EDIT: I was wrong about enfusing, it gives too much of a triple image on the clouds and dumbs down the contrasts. I'll just have to keep returning for that elusive misty sunrise...'' - art photography - stock photo library

And all fell silent!

Ref : TB 17 030

Ref : TB 17 009 - ''Evening Ray 3, Derwentwater  I find it difficult to cut this little sequence down!'' - framed wall art - fine art

Evening ray 3

Ref : TB 17 009

Ref : TB 17 007 - ''Sunset, Calf Close Bay. 2  The recession was gorgeous.  I had to de-spot this shot more than I've ever done before as the surface of the water was littered with hundreds of insects, the air also was full of them.!'' - bespoke picture frame - stock photo library

Sunset, Calf close Bay, 2

Ref : TB 17 007

Ref : TB 17 060 - ''Sunrise Colours  High water levels again.  I was actually ready to go straight back home....I'd had enough "Autumn Weather", but as I'd booked the Patterdale site and paid the deposit........'' - picture framing services Bristol

Sunrise colours

Ref : TB 17 060

Ref : TB 19 186 - ''Sunset reflection, Derwentwater. 2  No rays going up from the sun this evening, but some colourful clouds reflected.'' - photo library - custom made picture frame

Sunset reflections 2 

Ref : TB 19 186

Ref : TB 17 045 - ''Another Day, Nether Wasdale  I'd hoped for another morning with mist here, to get to areas I never reached last year in similar conditions. As it was, this was one of only two that I managed before the mist vanished.  It was so dark that I had three attempts before I managed to frame the tree without cutting off the base of the trunk!'' - framing photography Bristol

Another day - Nether Wasdale

Ref : TB 17 045

Ref : TB 19 183 - ''A new day dawns  The first shot of another day. Myrtle Bay, Derwentwater. Light in the NE, in the "notch" between Walla Crag and Blencathra.'' - custom picture frames - framed fine art consultants

A new dawn

Ref : TB 19 183

Ref : TB 17 062 - ''Peat Barn Dawn II  If anyone has followed the comments of my previous post, you'll have seen the progression of my processing with this colour version. This is my 4th attempt, and close to how I remembered it and how I intended it to look when I took it. The breakthrough came when I altered the individual R G B channels in curves, instead of manipulating only in the combined RGB setting. This opens new possibilities for me...and a whole can of worms, as I'm not sure I can cope with too much more choice!  The above was with increased red channel and decreased blue channel, green channel untouched. The only downside is less defined clouds, which is one of the reasons I still prefer the mono version!'' - personalised photo frame - photo library

Peat Barn dawn 2

Ref : TB 17 062

Ref : TB 17 082 - ''Crummock Glow 2  Many might prefer the extra "drama" of this shot to the last, but I prefer the subtleties of the last, and here, only 5 minutes later, the mist had gone!.  Also, here the 30D sensor/processor are at or beyond their limit. There is little that I can do with the file, that doesn't immediately produce artifacts, and the resolution/colour depth in the red is very poor. All parts of the reason why I immediately upgraded to the FF 5D after this holiday. Apart from that...I still like it. ;o)'' - online photo library - made to measure picture frame

Crummock glow 2

Ref : TB 17 082

Ref : TB 18 111 - ''Reflected Glory  Sunrise across Derwentwater, reflected back from the West, over Causey Pike and the Coledale Fells. Friars Crag to the right.  (God's paintbrush again.) This was as strong as it got, which I think is pretty strong for reflected colour, (I've kept this a bit dark to emphasize the intensity), but the real "Wow!" vivid salmon orange/pink colour was above and behind me towards the east....but with a hill inbetween, and no suitable foreground.     PS. Don't ducks swim fast, when you're using a slow shutter speed ;o)'' - custom picture frame - stock photography - interior decor

Reflecting glory

Ref : TB 18 111

Ref : TB 18 110 - ''......up a bit!  (See description of previous upload for explanation of title.)  Of course this time I'd cut into the lower stone and half a stone doesn't work, so I've trimmed it out! (It was dark!) The intensity of the "glow" from the lights of Keswick, was fading fast as the dawn light strengthened.  Brandlehow Jetty, Derwentwater.'' - framed fine art consultants  Bristol - home decor

... up a bit

Ref : TB 18 110

Ref : TB 17 002 - Watercolours 1  There was a stone just submerged that kept creating a lovely circular ripple -  made t o measure picture frame

Watercolours 1

Ref : TB 17 002 

Ref : TB 17 003 - Buttermere Ash 3, 10.10.10  Not only the wait for the lighting, this was a Sunday and a Half Term Sunday at that, people everywhere!  In the short "window" between the background being dark and the sun still on the tree this was one of the rare instances without hordes of walkers or picnickers in shot. I counted 26 people (not including their dogs), in this frame just after this was taken!  A few moments later the sun left the tree for that day - art framing - design photography

Buttermere Ash 3 

Ref : TB 17 003

Ref : TB 19 162 - ''Harsop Contrasts  A "flowing" dry stone wall and backlit trees briefly lit on an autumn day of sunshine and cloud, above Hartsop, near Brothers water, in the Lake District.'' - framed photography - picture framer

Hartsop contrast

Ref : TB 19 162

Ref : TB 17 026 - ''River leaves 2 (Polarised)  More of the leaves in The River Brathay out of Little Langdale Tarn, this time polarised to remove the reflections and increase the intensity of colours.'' - personalised picture frames Bristol

River leaves 2

Ref : TB 17 026

Ref : TB 19 163 - ''Mossy Rocks 2  The last of the sun. Ullswater Shore  The backlit golden leaves on the fallen birch seemed to have inner light. The sun was directly behind and just out of the top of frame and at the top of the trees too. The next time I came back to look, a few days later hoping to catch their reflections, most of those leaves had gone.'' - picture frame - photo library

Mossy rocks 2

Ref : TB 19 163

Ref : TB 17 031 - ''Part Circle, Castlerigg.  Titles are getting difficult to think of! Part of the Castlerigg Stone Circle in early sunlight with Blencathra behind.'' - art framing - design photography

  Part Circle, Castlerig

TB 17 031

Ref : TB 022 - ''Rydal Headland  Early sun on the headland and lots of velvety green moss.'' - personalised picture frame - art framing

Rydal headland

Ref : TB 17 022

Ref : TB 17 013 - ''The Path to Borrowdale.  Final shot just before the sun disappears for the day behind Maiden Moor.  The Jaws of Borrowdale in deep shadow.'' - installation of framed artwork - design photography

The path to Borrowdale

Ref : TB 17 013

Ref : TB 17 066 - ''Trough House Bridge, Autumn  Over to Eskdale for this day...and what a difference from the previous year (2012) at the end of October! Where autumn colours had been at their height, last year (2013) the autumn colours were only starting. This is the "classic" view as loved by artists.  I learnt from a local that the name is pronounced something like, "Truffus Bridge".)'' - online photo gallery - manufacture of personalised photo frame

Through House bridge

Ref : TB 17 066

Ref : TB 19 167 - ''Autumn Beck  Grisedale Beck  A slightly closer version in first comment box below. I choose the above for the overarching branch'' - custom made picture frame - stock photography

Autumn Beck

Ref : TB 19 167

Ref : TB 18 161 - ''Hartsop Barn in Autumn  The leaves were still there...even if not very colourful.  The light never looked right for a repeat of last years angle, so after a while I wandered around for a new composition that did please me with the light available..'' - frame photo prints - art desig

Hartsop Barn in Autumn

Ref : TB 19 161

Ref : TB 17 075 - ''Autumn Path, Ullswater  The track to a favourite viewpoint for many, opposite Silver Point.'' - manufacture of custom picture frame - photo gallery - art photograpy

Autumn Path, Ullswater

Ref : TB 17 075

Ref : TB 17 059 - ''Birch and Bracken Contrasts  Manesty, Borrowdale.  A day of slow wanderings in the area, just soaking in the quiet beauty of the day.  As usual, (as I was beside the path,) whilst I was taking this, I was asked, "What have you seen?" That always stumps me, as I know the enquirer is hoping to share a rare bird sighting. I usually reply, "The beautiful Landscape", which also usually evokes a disappointed, "Oh", from the other party, and a frown, which clearly says, "I can't see anything!", and who doesn't then prolong the conversation.  It's a rare treat to meet others who do appreciate "just" the landscape. They seem to be a dying breed as so many seem to walk around (even in the Lake District), with eyes glued to their cell phones and with headphones on, in an insulated world of their own!'' - framing photography

Birch and Bracken Contrasts

Ref : TB 17 059

Ref : TB 19 168 - ''Autumn Woodland decisions  Decisions, decisions! Whether to carry on along the shore to the left, or up to the road by the right?  I chose both ways, as I'd just come from the right hand path, and now turned up to the road, before retracing my steps and continuing along the path behind me.  My next post is of this scene over 4 hours earlier, though not shot as a panorama.     Another version of this one in the 1st comment box below.'' - bespoke photo frame - stock photo library

Autumn woodland decisions

Ref : TB 19 168

 Ref : TB 17 034 - '' Rydal Autumn  The last from this little headland. Not many oaks as colourful as this this autumn.'' - custom picture frames

Rydal, Autumn 

Ref : TB 17 024

Ref : TB 19 166 - ''Fallen 2  Grisedale Beck, that flows down to Patterdale, Ullswater'' - fine art framing - picture framer

Fallen 2 

Ref : TB 19  166

Ref : TB 19 164 - ''Autumn, Grisedale Beck  Above Patterdale. The Autumn glory that the Beech trees "put on" is such a contrast to the dull green of the Alders...but the recently fallen Alder leaves have the best Autumn smell of all, almost perfumed!'' - custom picture frame - art photography

Autumn, Grisedale Beck

Ref : TB 19 164

Ref : TB 17 083 - ''Ablaze  In the last rays of the sun, near Chapel Stile, this Wild Cherry (or Gean), in full autumn splendour, looked like a bonfire. (Truly a "good-blaze")'' - framed art installation - design photography


Ref : TB 17 083

Ref : TB 20 217 | Dent Head Viaduct | landscape photography | view of the viaduct and valley | Lake district | art framing

Dent Head Viaduct

Ref : TB 20 217

Ref : TB 17 020 - ''First Light, Rydal  A very hazy sun which soon rose into cloud, sadly. Gorgeous warm light and reflections for a while, though I went hoping for some of the mist which I'd left behind at Keswick!.'' - design photography - art framing

First light, Rydal

Ref : TB 17 020

Ref : TB 20 219 | Deepdale Waterfall | nature photography | woodlands in autumn | picture library for wall decor

Deepdale Waterfall

Ref : TB 20 219

Ref : TB 17 073 - ''Saturated!  One very wet Ullswater shore....but the colours glowed, especially that yellow ash tree and the fallen beech leaves!  I hope I've managed to catch the feel of it.  I got saturated too, despite being in my wet weather kit and under the umbrella a good deal of the time. Lenses fogged up and filters got smeary....but I enjoyed it. ;o)'' - framing photography - installation of framed photo prints


Ref : TB 17 073

Ref : TB 17 051 - ''The Autumn Esk...again.  The last at Trough House Bridge from last autumn.  This one taken the day after the other wide ones from this spot, and the same day as the reflections, which were all taken from the green rocks on the other side of this pool, (mid left, looking upstream.)'' - Professional picture framer Bristol - framed photo prints

The Autumn Esk 

Ref : TB 17 051

Ref : TB 17 018 - ''Manesty Woods in Autumn  Beside Warren Cottage. The rain has really "saturated" the autumn colours. The bracken covered slopes of Catbells in the distance.'' - picture framer Bristol

Manesty Woods in Autumn

Ref : TB 17 018

Ref : TB 17 038 - ''Floating By  Unable to find any inspiration for wide landscapes, I concentrated on the wonderful autumn reflections in the river.  This is one that did please me, a fallen leaf floating past over the colourfully reflecting autumn Esk. (Actually it was "racing past" at quite a speed and most I took suffered from blur.)'' - custom picture frames

Floating by

Ref : TB 17 038

Ref : TB 17 025 - ''Langdale Pikes, what Langdale Pikes?!  They're in the cloud behind the ridge of trees.!  Brilliant morning. I went prospecting early on a cloudy morning, not expecting much. There was a "window" into which the sun rose while all else remained under dense low cloud. It lasted over an hour! I also fell heavily just after I'd taken this photo. One foot stuck firmly in mud and an unnoticed branch between my feet, "What Happened next......?"  How my tripod survived I don't know, I thought it was a gonner. Me? Shaken but unhurt , and covered in cold, slimy, smelly mud.  What a morning!  (I know, get rid of that top left intrusion! I'm working on it!)'' - framing photography

Loughrigg Tarn

Ref : TB 17 025

Ref : TB 19 165 - ''Autumn in the woods  Ullswater shore path'' - made to measure picture frame - stock photo library

Autumn in the woods

Ref : TB 19 165

Ref : TB 18 124 - ''Favoutite Larch  Back to Wasdale for the last few of last autumn.  Despite the intruding branches on the left, this is one of my favourites from beside Netherbeck, just before the sun lit the Screes.'' - personalised picture frame - art photography

Favourite Larch

Ref : TB 18 124

Ref : TB 18 119 - ''Blea Tarn Track  The lighting starts to become good again as the sun goes behind Blake Rigg leaving it in shadow whilst the pines are still backlit.  Just started to set up and the couple appeared for their picnic under the pine...couldn't avoid them! They stayed till after the sun had gone..'' - design photography - picture framer Bristol

Blea Tarn Track

Ref : TB 18 119

Ref : TB 18 123 - ''The Autumn Esk  Looking downstream from Trough House Bridge near Boot in Eskdale. Wonderful colours last autumn.'' - framing photography - bespoke picture frame

The Autumn Esk

Ref : TB 18 123

Ref : TB 17 054 - ''Autumn Maple Leaves 2  I've called these "Maple" leaves but I think it's really a variety of Sycamore.  Difficult to find a branch that was both sunlit and with leaves in one plane for reasonable sharpness at F2.8 with the 100mm.'' - framed art - photography - picture library

Autumn maple leaves 2 

Ref : TB 17 054

Ref : TB 17 023 - ''Oak branch, Rydal  Some more rare Autumn colour.  I love the ability to use large apertures with these alternative lenses, F2.8 here but F2 coming with the Zuiko 100/2.  The lower left "mess" annoys me but as I've said I'm a numbskull with PS.'' - framed art - design photography

Oak branch Rydal

Ref : TB 17 023

Ref : TB 17 040 - ''Backdrop to a Ballet  I first photographed this wonderful curving drive of Beech trees in 1978, and have always seen it as a "backdrop to a ballet".  Not sure which ballet though. Any suggestions?   '' - custom photo frames

Backdrop to a ballet

Ref : TB 17 040

Ref : TB 17 017 - ''Birch Stand III  I think my favourite of this group, without any background "clutter".' - fine art framing Bristol

Birch stand III

Ref : TB 17 017 

Ref : TB 17 085 - ''Under Birk Knott  Above the little road that runs by Blea Tarn'' - custom picture frame - art photography

Under Birk Knott

Ref : TB 17 085

Ref : TB 17 067 - Towards Netherbeck Bridge  My choice from the last post. The one on the right. I liked the lower contrast here with only partial sun.'' - custom picture frame - photo library

Towards Netherbeck Bridge

Ref : TB 17 067

Ref : TB 17 029 - ''Warnscale Beck Mid Falls  This set of falls, less than half way up, was as far as I got before the light went and rain set in. I took several different studies of these, again with a lovely green pool beneath the fall.'' - custom picture frames

Warnscale Beck Mid Falls

Ref : TB 17 029

Ref : TB 17 056 - ''November Afternoon Light, Wasdale.  An hour and a quarter after the last shot and less than 5 minutes to the last of the fleeting golden sunlight flooding the foreground, on this November afternoon.  The light on the Screes here reminds me that I'd wanted to be in several places at once but as the lake was just choppy and grey, I'd decided to stay under my umbrella and beside the pool during the intervening heavy showers.  These are some of my favourite conditions for Autumn Wastdale, and I'd love to have a repeat to get a photo I've had in mind for some time, of the small road, winding towards the Wasdale Head mountains, with the "black-water" of the lake included. (I can only imagine Wastwater reflecting as well, as it just isn't still enough in these sort of least so far in my experience. It was such a bonus to get this sheltered little pool occasionally reflecting.)'' - professional picture framer Bristol

November afternoon light

Ref : TB 17 056

Ref : TB 18 126 - ''Wastwater Contrast 2  10 minutes later than the last, and the bursts of sunlight on The Screes continued, whilst the sun was dropping fast and no longer lighting the foreground, but the drama of the clouds down the lake got even better, so I chose a horizontal format to include more of them.  As so often I had two to choose from that were equal in my preference. The dark showers are perhaps better below, but the reflection and Screes above...???  See in first comment below for the other.'' - online photo library - bespoke picture frame

Wastwater contrast

Ref : TB 18 126

Ref : TB 17 001 - Derwentwater Sunrise  From Oct 2009, one of my personal favourites, and about the only photo with sun that I can remember from that holiday. It's taken from the little islands just under Friar's Crag.  I wish all mine taken with the 20mm pleased me as much. I find ultra wides extremely difficult to work with.  Soon after taking, the clouds closed up and the drizzle returned. - picture framing Bristol

Derwentwater sunrise

Ref : TB 17 001 

Ref : TB 18 127 - ''Evening Light Under The Screes  Somehow this reminds me of a painting. I like the strong, but broken, diagonal here too.  I confess I didn't go the extra few yards to the Scots Pine to investigate it as a potential foreground.....another time!'' - personalised photo frame - Bristol - photo library

Evening light under the screes

Ref : TB 18 127

Ref : TB 18 125 - ''Going to the Head..  …or perhaps, "towards the Viewpoint! (Neither are visible!)     It somehow seems appropriate that my first from the first full day of my Wasdale holiday is this one. It seems to sum up the next two weeks rather well! i.e. lots of "weather".     Now rain can be good, indeed some of my favourite shots include curtains of the stuff, (backlit, at Castle Stalker), taken from the shelter of an umbrella, but when it's rain + wind, things get a little more (or, a lot more) difficult and very frustrating for the photographer. On some days there were even waves!'' - professional picture framer - framed art prints

Going to the head

Ref : TB 18 125

Ref : TB 17 015 - ''Frosted fence and reflections  I was fascinated by the colour contrast between the frosted fence, lit by the clear blue sky above and the reflections of the hillside lit by the early sun.'' - bespoke picture frame

Frosted frence and reflection

Ref : TB 17 015 

Ref : TB 17 055 - ''Last of the Day, Blea Tarn.  I had to wait well over an hour for that part reflection to appear along with the side lighting on the Langdale Pikes. I kept getting one or the other but not both together.....until this.  A lovely place to sit and wait....and watch a kestrel hunting!'' - online photo gallery - picture framer Bristol

Last of the day, Blea Tarn 

Ref : TB 17 055 

Ref : TB 18 128 - ''One end of the Rainbow  Lots of "if only's" with this one. I had the 35-70 mm on when the rainbow appeared during a very heavy shower with gusty wind, (see below). The widest I had with me was the 28mm, which I managed to change to, under the brolly, whilst wishing for more hands and less wind and wet, and just caught this as it faded. It was BRILLIANT! I think the main picture (above) has the better balance, despite having less of the bow.  (I've since added the minuscule Zuiko 21/3.5 to my collection...just in case.)'' - framed fine art consultants - stock photo library

One end of the rainbow

Ref : TB 18 128

Ref : TB 17 081 - ''Castle Crag Shower  The mottled effect and low contrast, is because it was a heavy shower. Borrowdale. Sadly the old barn is no more, it "collapsed" a few years back.'' - installation of framed art prints - photo library

Castle crag shower

Ref : TB 17 081

Ref : TB 18 129 - ''Wasdale, between the showers.  The first sun for several days.'' - design photography - stock photo library - art framing

Wasdale, between the shower

Ref : TB 18 129

Ref : TB 17 084 - ''Pot of Gold  From Loughrigg Tarn, in lovely "changeable" autumn conditions.  The Langdale Pikes are "looming" through heavy rain. What I can't remember at this stretch of time, is whether I got soaked, before or after taking this. ;o)'' - custom picture frame - stok photography

Pot of golf

Ref : TB 17 084

Ref : TB 18 148 - ''Autumn Derwentwater  A longer exposure to soften things a bit'' - framed fine art consultants - professional picture framer

Autumn Derwenwater

Ref : TB 18 148

Ref : TB 19 184 - ''Wild Patterdale  This was a stormy day early in November, (a bit like today at the end of March!)  Looking up Patterdale as the sun broke through to light Stoney Rigg and Angletarn Pikes (?)'' - bespoke picture framing services - online photo gallery - interior decor

Wild Patterdale

Ref : TB 19 184

Ref : TB 18 150 - ''"Shakin' all over"  More wind and wet....but for once, not into the lens. Yay! ;o))  Crummock water trees on a rather miserable late October morning...that I enjoyed...mostly!'' - photo library - framed art installation
Ref : TB 19 169 - ''Glencoyne, Ullswater  Cloud lifting on Sheffield Pike.'' - personalised picture frames - picture framer Bristol - art photography


Ref : TB 19 169

Ref : TB 17 027 - ''Derwent Island and Remains of Old Jetty  Still long before the sun came over but looks so much better made paler.'' - framing photography - framed fine art consultants
Ref : TB 17 032 - ''Winter Woodland Path  Not a lot of people around this fact I never saw anyone. I wonder why?!'' - framing photography - interiors
Ref : TB 17 016 - '' Frosted Grasses and Skiddaw  To leave the leaf or not? I took it with and without and I'm still not sure!'' - framing photography

Derwent Island and remains of Old Jetty

Ref : TB 17 027

Ref : TB 17 079 - ''Leaving behind a misty Derwentwater in dawn light, to meet friends at Hodge Close quarry...I just couldn't not stop for a short while en-route! '' - design photography - personalised picture frame

Grassmere dawn

Ref : TB 17 079

Ref : TB 18 151 - ''Buttermere Waterspout 2  The biggest of the day, or at least the biggest that I caught on camera, there were a few more like it but I don't remember seeing any bigger.  The wind was gale force, (needless to say!) gusting 60mph.  Earlier in the day, most of the waterspouts had been further down the lake, but by the afternoon they were right in front of me, as here.  I took a series as this one chased across the lake, but this was at its peak.'' - personalised photo frame Bristol - art photography - photo library

Watermere waterspout 2

Ref : TB 18 151

Ref : TB 17 080 - ''Grasmere Mist  With Loughrigg's tops just peeping through the mist.  It was a real wrench to leave these conditions to meet friends at Hodge close for the pre-arranged time!'' - framed fine art constultants - picture framer Bristol

Shakin' all over

Ref : TB 18 150

Frosted grass and skiddaw

Ref : TB 17 016

Winter Woodland path

Ref : TB 17 032

Grasmere mist

Ref : TB 17 080

Ref : TB 17 028 - ''Frosted Oak Leaves  From Derwentwater shoreline, (visible in the last shot posted)  Used my little S90 to capture these.'' - online photo library

Frosted oak leaves

Ref : TB 17 028

Ref : TB 20 227 | Ice Ferns | monochrome photography | art framing | stock photography

Ice ferns

Ref : TB 20 227

Ref : TB 17 050 - ''Netherbeck Pines, mono 2  Just into the trees looking back towards the road.'' - personalised picture frames - art photography

Netherbeck Pines - Mono 2

Ref : TB 17 050

Ref : TB 17 037 - ''Peat Barn, Mono.  As the morning light strengthened I felt mono suited the subject well.  Please view on Black'' - picture library - framed photo

Peat Barn - mono

Ref : TB 17 037

Ref : TB 17 005 - ''Between the Pines IR  My lunch was "disturbed" by this lone yacht. (I didn't mind!)  My favourite infrared of the day was the result. I caught it both coming and going, but here, going it was closer.  Causey Pike just peeping through'' - personalised picture frames Bristol

Between the pines IR

Ref : TB 17 005

Ref : TB 17 087 - ''Waiting......  ...well there's usually a lovely view of Ullswater from here, when it's not foggy. I really like the isolation of foregrounds in these conditions though.'' - framing photography - interior decor


Ref : TB 17 087

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