Lake District - Spring and Summer

Lake District National Park - Spring and Summer 

"'Is the spring coming?' he said. 'What is it like?' ...

'It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine, and things pushing up and working under the earth.'"

—Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden -

Ref : TB 19 180 - Backlit Derwentwater  Just as the sun rose over a misty Derwentwater. There was even a red-breasted merganser in the right place! I could have done with a much longer lens too, this time!'' - installation of framed fine art prints - manufacture of custom made picture frames - Bristol

Blacklit Derwentwater

Ref : TB 19 180

Ref : TB 19 182 - ''The Hamlet of Grange-in-Borrowdale  Taken from the bridge.'' - bespoke photo frames - picture framer Bristol

The Hamlet of grange-in-Borrowdale

Ref : TB 19 182

Ref : TB 19 178 - ''Derwentwater Grasses  With all the rain the water levels had risen a lot. The week before, these had been high and dry.'' - framed art prints - picture framer Bristol

Derwentwater grasses

Ref : TB 19 178

Ref : TB 18 120 - ''Limpid Light, Rydal  On this morning I arrived at 5.30am and wandered round the "back" of the islands on the SW shore of Rydal Water. The light was very hazy and despite reflections, I had real problems "seeing the picture".  I took several as the light strengthened over the next two hours, but I was struggling to make a picture that really pleased me, nothing was coming together.  On viewing the results from that morning, this one stands out as having a special quality that I didn't recognise at the time of taking. The light is clearer, the colours more varied, the atmosphere less hazy, the reflections just as I like best. It can't have lasted long like this as nothing else I took that morning has it!'' - professional picture framer Bristol

Limpid light, Rydal

Ref : TB 18 120

Ref : TB 18 145 - ''Brandelhow Point  One of my favourites from my May holiday. This was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time. A few minutes earlier, and the sun wasn't fully on the trees, and only a few minutes later, the reflections and mist vanished. I would have included the top of the tall Pine if I could, but low fells behind and a clear blue sky and its reflection prohibited it.''  - personalised photo frame - fine art prints

Brandelhow point

Ref : TB 18 145

Ref : TB 18 140 - ''Invisible menace  Being eaten alive by midges. My "Skin so soft" repellent was not working on this morning, (I'd used it successfully every other morning), but down amongst this cotton grass, they was murder! I'm surprised the picture isn't full of them!  I'm rather pleased with how the FE 90/2.8 G Macro has worked this holiday. As sharp at distance as close up, and sharp wide open too. However, though I like the bokeh, even wide open, it's 9 blades are visible, ie not perfect circles, which is a bit annoying. I've heard this complaint of other Sony lenses too.'' - made to measure picture frames

Invisible menace

Ref : TB 18 140

Ref : TB 18 143 - ''Bronze and green  Waterlilies at the southern end of Derwentwater. Not in flower in May, when these were taken. By July, they may have been out of the water this year!'' - supply and manufacture of framed fine art prints

Bronze and green

Ref : TB 18 143

Ref : TB 19 179 - ''Backlit Manesty  The birches on Manesty Common, with Catbells behind.'' - bespoke picture frame - art photography - picture library - Bristol

Blacklit manesty

Ref : TB 19 179

Ref : TB 18 146 - ''Wings over the Water  Crummock Water. 50 minutes later than the last shot, and the warm sun flooding in. (Thanks again to Colin Bell to steering me to these, several years ago now. They always repay a visit.)'' - design consultants Bristol - framed photography

Wings over the water

Ref : TB 18 146

Ref : TB 19 181 - ''Morning Greens  Abbot's Bay, Derwentwater. All the mist gone and the first ripples appearing. I can never get enough of those luscious backlit lime greens, here from oak and birch.  Another in 1st comment box below, before the ripples, with a lower frame of oak.'' - online photo library - art framing

Morning greens

Ref : TB 19 181

Ref : TB 18 122 - ''Spring Morning on the Brathay  Beside the footpath from Elterwater to Skelwith Bridge. One of my all time favourite views in the Lake District, whatever the season, looking south across the Brathay towards Birk Rigg, when the water is still and reflecting.'' - framed art installation - picture framer Bristol

Spring morning on the Bathray

Ref : TB 18 122

Ref : TB 18 117 - ''Floodlit Pines  Buttermere. I wonder who planted this row of Scots Pines, and how long ago?'' - bespoke picture frame - design photography

Floodlit pines

Ref : TB 18 117

Ref : TB 18 144 - ''Classic Buttermere Pines  As the sun rises and lights up the slopes behind the pines, everything starts to look rather flat. (I actually prefer it in the Autumn). Nevertheless, I still like this one as the little "dam" someone has kindly built in the foreground, holds the base quite well.'' - picture framer - photo library - interior design

Classic Buttermere Pines

Ref : TB 18 144

Ref : TB 18 130 - ''Spring Path, Derwentwater  Taken early morning, soon after the sun had risen over the tops. A scene that will be familiar to many round-the-lake walkers, where the path rounds the most southerly end of the lake. After lots of rain, (and Borrowdale gets more than its fair share, being the wettest place in England), the lake often extends up to (and occasionally over), the path here. This was taken following a very dry early Spring, that changed a day or two after taking this, when it reached the reeds under these birch trees. The only other person around when I took this was a lone jogger, who was through and gone, before I had time to consider whether she might have added to the picture!'' - bespoke picture framing services Bristol

Spring path, Derwentwater

Ref : TB 18 130

Ref : TB 18 116 - ''Buttermere Spring  I love to see the fresh young leaves on the trees in spring, in all their different shades of green.'' - framed photography - art design consultants Bristol

Buttermere Spring

Ref : TB 18 116

Ref : TB 18 113 - ''What a place!  It certainly is one of my favourite places to spend a morning like this.'' - art framing - made to measure picture frame

What a place!

Ref : TB 18 113

Ref : TB 18 115 - ''Buttermere watercolours  I do love reflections! The Buttermere pines.'' - framed art prints - picture framer Bristol

Buttermere Watercolours

Ref : TB 18 115

Ref : TB 18 103 - ''Backlit reflections  At Great Bay, Derwentwater, towards the footbridge.'' custom-made picture frames - online photo library

Blacklit reflections

Ref : TB 18 103

Ref : TB 18 121 - ''Over the wall  From in front of Oak Howe Farm in the Langdale Valley, the English Lake District.  This is the extent of my process skill in "curves", ideally I would have prefered to make the background to the trees just a touch darker without darkening the wall. However, this is probably close to how it actually looked.'' - bespoke framed photo prints - art photography

Over the wall

Ref : TB 18 121

Ref : TB 18 114 - ''The other Buttermere fish  The real Buttermere "Fish" being the Pub in the village. Here I thought the reflections formed a fish shape ;o). '' - bespoke photo frame - online photo gallery

The other Buttermere fish

Ref : TB 18 114

Ref : TB 18 102 - ''Jemima's wild cousin flies in  I know it's not a puddle-duck, but it just needs a bonnet and shawl ....!  Great Bay, Derwentwater, not long after sun up.'' - framed picture installation - bespoke photo frame

Jemima's wild cousin flies in

Ref : TB 18 102

Ref : TB 17 046 - ''A soft sunny morning, Derwentwater  Lake levels were low after the dry Easter period, so I kept shorelines to the distance. I think the whitewashed High Lodore Farm (?), makes a nice distant feature. The strong haze was a bonus, giving the slightly "dreamy", almost soft-focus look.'' - bespoke picture frame

A soft sunny morning

Ref : TB 17 046

Ref : TB 18 104 - ''Kaleidoscope 2  More smoke patterns from The Lodore Hotel, reflected in Derwentwater's Great Bay.  (This is the colour version of the previous mono shot, which I reworked, after my comments there.)'' - design photography - art framing - picture framer Bristol

Kaleidoscope 2

Ref : TB 18 104

Ref : TB 18 107 - ''Catching the light  Late afternoon sun catching the birch tree's spring finery, under Catbells, in Borrowdale.'' - manufacture of framed fine art prints - Bristol

Catching the light

Ref : TB 18 107

Ref : TB 17 064 - ''Grange-in-Borrowdale 2  Another "from the bridge" featuring the flowering cherry and copper beech in their spring finery...but this year with reflections too.'' - online photo gallery - personaised picture framing Bristol

Grange in Borrowdale 2

Ref : TB 17 064

Ref : TB 17 068 - ''Among the Birches  I spent a morning in the Birch wood at Manesty, Borrowdale, and of all I took this is the only one that goes any way towards pleasing me, and only after a "bit" of processing!'' - made to measure picture frame - design photography

Among the birches

Ref : TB 17 068

Ref : TB 17 057 - ''Daffy Daze 2  Slightly different crop of the last image, I think it works better like this although the dark calyx (?) is more prominent here, it really needs photoshopping out.'' - bespoke photo frame - art framing

Daffy daze 2

Ref : TB 17 057

Ref : TB 18 131 - ''Spring under Maiden Moor  The little path that leads from the south of Derwentwater towards Grange-in-Borrowdale.  Nice to see that it remains a "little track", as with the amount of walkers it gets, it could easily have been turned into a deep and wide scar!'' - framing photography - framed art installation

Spring under Maiden Moor

Ref : TB 18 131

Ref : TB 17 070 - ''Manesty Bluebells 2  I had hoped for some Crab apple blossom too, but it was very poor this year here. In the background a may tree peeping through.'' - supply and manufacture of framed fine art prints

Manesty Bluebells 2

Ref : TB 17 070

Ref : TB 18 105 - ''Deja Vu  Towards The Lodore Hotel, Borrowdale. A repeat of a shot I took way back, in my film-using days, with the first (and best IMO), version of Fuji Provia. The shadows there were intensely blue!'' - framed art prints - picture framing Bristol

Deja vu

Ref : TB 18 105

Ref : TB 17 069 - ''Raindrops and Reflections  Manesty shore at the SW end (head?) of Derwentwater.'' - art framing - photo library

Raindrops and reflections

Ref : TB 17 069

Ref : TB 17 065 - ''Rain Washed Derwentwater  I felt this one needed its own view too, as the sky began to clear and the breeze to die away.'' - stock photo library - art photography - bespoke picture frame

Rain washed Derwentwater

Ref : TB 17 065

Ref : TB 17 047 - Stones, Pines and Crag 2, Derwentwater  Edit: I've corrected verticals to the max I am able, without cutting into the shadow of the stone.'' - custom picture frames - photo library

Stones, pines and crag 2

Ref : TB 17 047

Ref : TB 18 152 - ''Brandlehow Jetty II  Another taken in heavy rain on Derwentwater last May. Long exposure as even with high ISO the light was too poor to get a short enough exposure to catch the raindrops in water. The long exposure has really enhanced the reflection though.'' - bespokepicture frame - design photography

Brandelhow jetty II

Ref : TB 18 152

Ref : TB 17 043 - ''Wet start at Abbot's Bay  Another very wet May morning on Derwentwater. Back to Abbot's Bay and Otter Island, but with the water level very much higher than the last time. A whole new set of photo opportunities.'' - personalised picture frames

Wet start at Abbot's Bay

Ref : TB 17 043

Ref : TB 17 036 - ''Derwentwater Dawn  Reworked version of one I posted earlier.  This is one of, if not the, personal favourite from my May holiday.  Amongst a sea of grasses it is incredibly difficult to find an arrangement that works.'' - art photography - online photo library - art framing

Derwentwater dawn

Ref : TB 17 036

Ref : TB 18 147 - ''Another day dawns  Derwentwater, from Myrtle Bay, before sunrise. It was so peaceful...even with the geese calling, somehow they added to the sense of solitude.'' - art framing - design photography

Another day dawns 

Ref : TB 18 147

Ref : TB 18 141 - ''Lily pads revisited  This is another of my favourites.  The mist was thinning so fast, that by the time I'd found and set up an upright/portrait format shot, it had as good as gone. A few flowers out would have been icing on the cake, but at least the buds were there.  Only a stones throw from the place I took the last shots of the little island from, but quite a trek back to the boardwalk and down the other side of the inlet to actually get here. The tussock grass about thigh high, (all wet through from the heavy dew), with large hummocks , made it even harder as I was rushing knowing that the mist was going.'' - picture framing Bristol

Lily pads revisited 

Ref : TB 18 141

Ref : TB 18 142 - ''My favourite  My favourite from that morning, (and the holiday). To really enter into the sense of it, you need to hear the "drumming" of snipe from the wetland behind, the calling of geese across the lake, and the cuckoos from the fells on each side! It was a wonderful morning.'' - custom picture frame - online photo library

My favourite 

Ref : TB 18 142

Ref : TB 18 118 - ''Brandelhow Dawn  Early light and colour at the landing stage at Brandelhow, on Derwentwater.'' - picture framer Bristol - stock photo library

Brandelhow Dawn

Ref : TB 18 118

Ref : TB 17 034 - " the day begins" Version 2  I realised on reviewing the last shot that I should have reset the white balance, this is more as I remember it, but I think both work?'' - framing photography - Bristol

As the day begins - version 2

Ref : TB 17 034

Ref : TB 18 101 - ''Dawn Magic  Derwentwater dawn. Mist and reflections, geese calling and cuckoo too. It transported me to worship the Lord, the Creator. I love this time of day, and I so nearly missed the hint of high red colour that morning, it so often precedes the real sunrise time, and was there so briefly.'' - framed art installation - photo library

Dawn magic

Ref : TB 18 101

Ref : TB 17 035 - ''Stormy Weather...again!  A re-process of an infrared I shot in 2012, near to Hawkshead'' - design photography - picture framing

Stormy weather, again!

Ref : TB 17 035

Ref : TB 18 109 - ''The Veil draws back reveal Derwentwater, blue sky and sun, from Myrtle Bay.'' - design photography - design consultants Bristol

The Veil draws back  

Ref : TB 18 109

Ref : TB 17 048 - ''Sunrise Symmetry  Sunrise, Otter Island, Abbot's Bay, Derwentwater. Unusual for me not to be asymmetrical, with some foreground stones and less sky, but I think this works like this? ...and no doubt there be more, with stones ;o) '' - picture framing Bristol - Neil Warner Pictures

Sunrise symmetry

Ref : TB 17 048

Ref : TB 18 108 - ''Breakthrough 2  As the sun rose, blue sky started to appear and the fog rolled across Derwentwater. Then, as the fog thinned in the trees, the sun began to burst through. This always thrills me, as, after years of Landscape photography, it is still a relatively rare me at least.'' - personalised picture frames - onine photo gallery

Breakthrough 2

Ref : TB 18 108

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