In black and white there are more colors than color photography, because you are not blocked by any colors so you can use your experiences, your knowledge, and your fantasy, to put colors into black and white.”

– Anders Petersen –

Ref : RD 007 | Dover Breakwater | Dover  The lighthouse on the western side of the breakwater | black and white photography | bespoke picture frame | photo library

Dover waternreaker

Ref : RD 007

Ref: RD 024 |Seclusion |Groynes at Happisburgh, Norfolk. | Black and white photography | dock pier pillar coming out of white sea | framed art consultants | picture framer

Bleak, Happisburgh

Ref : RD 024

Ref : RD 006 | Contemplation | black and white landscape | Dover seafront  | bench and fence on the foreground | breakwater and their lighthouses on the horizon | personalised picture frame | art photography | high resolution stock photo


Ref : RD 006

Ref : RD 19 078 | Seaside cycle | Black and white photography | symmetry | | photo library for interior decor | custom picture frames Bristol | large wall murals | framed artwork

Seaside cycle

Ref : RD 19 078

Ref : RD 055 | Vics of spits | 40's Memories | Spitfires at Duxford  | Airshow 2012 |Supermarine Spitfires flying | blac  and white photography | framed fine art | personalised picture framing Bristol | picture library for wall decor

Vics of spits

Ref : RD 055

Ref : RD 035 | Home for tea | Ecliptic Beauty- a Vic of Spitfires, Duxford.  A squadron of Supermarine Spitfires,  Air Show 2012 | black and white photography | framed art installation | bespoke picture frame | stock photography

Home for tea

Ref : RD 035

Ref : RD 049 | The Aerostars | Duxford  Spitfire Mk LFVb flew with 501 Squadron in 1942, and accounted for seven German aircraft before an accident cut short its career.  After repairs it served with 19 Squadron in Cornwall, 402 Squadron (RCAF) and finally being allocated to an Occupational Training Unit.  It appeared as a static aircraft in the film "Battle of Britain" and after spending some years in storage was purchased and brought back to former glory by The Fighter Collection in 1993, finally airworthy again in 1995.  Since then it was appeared in the films Pearl Harbour and Dark Blue World. | professional picture framing Bristol

The Aerostars B&W

Ref : RD 049

"Rebecca" | Black and white photography | seaside | framing photography | online photo gallery | picture framer Bristol | framed photo prints


Ref : RD 19 077

Ref : RD 038 | A Faithful friend |  An 'R.A.F Pilot' standing by the Hawker Hurricane, the unsung hero of WW2.  Starting life as a unsuccessful biplane, the Hurricane was rejected for being too heavy, too expensive, and no engine existing that could power her.  When Rolls-Royce introduced the ground-breaking Merlin engine, the Hurricane was redesigned as a monoplane fighter, being the first R.A.F fighter to exceed 300mph at 15000 feet. | custom photo frame | online picture library for wall decor

A Faithful friend

Ref : RD 038

Ref : RD 037 | Heroes of WW2 | Duxford  The Hawker Hurricane lines up with the gracious Supermarine Spitfire to create quite a nostalgic lineup at the Duxford Airshow.  The two warbirds single-handedly fought off the might of the Luftwaffe to save the nation from invasion during the summer of 1940 in the Battle of Britain. |  manufacture of custom picture frame Bristol | framed fine art constultants

Heroes of WW2 - Duxford

Ref: RD 037

Ref : RD 013 | Solitude in Martham, Norfolk | A lone yacht slowly sailing down the River Thurne | black and white landscape | framing photography | high resolution photoprints | stock image library


Ref : RD 19 013

Ref : RD 015 | Kearsney Abbey under the snow on a winter day | black and white photography | picture framer Bristol | photo library for wall decor

Kearsney Abbey

Ref : RD 015

Ref : RD 052 | View of the Beacons | black and white landscape | dramatic sky | manufacture of personalised picture frame | art framing | stock photography

The Beacons

Ref : RD 052

REf : RD 028 | Canterbury Cathedral  | The Quire at Canterbury Cathedral | black and white photography | framed fine art consultants Bristol | online photo library

Canterbury Cathedral

Ref : RD 028

Ref : RD 031 | Double vision at Westmount | Westmount College, Dover  Originally named Mount Ellis, built for Joseph Ellis in 1865, and was reverted to Westmount College, a Dover College junior branch, in 1898. | black and white photography | manufacture of csustom picture frame | online photo library for wall decor

Double vision at Westmount

Ref : RD 031

Ref : RD 036 | Time travel | Star trailing on the River Thurne, Norfolk | black and white landscape | personalised photo frame | art photography | stock image library

Time travel

Ref : RD 036

Ref : RD 046 | Split-tone forest | Black and white photography | framed fine art consultants Bristol | picture framer

Split-tone forest

Ref : RD 046

Ref : RD 026 | Bograve at dusk | Brograve Drainage Mill, Norfolk Broads. | black and white landscape | mill refelcing on water | dramatic sky | art framing | stock image library

Bograve at dusk

Ref : RD 026

Ref : RD 008 | Dover breakwater | An Autumn Morning at Deal pier | view on the breakwater with cloudy sky and calm sea | dramatic black and white landscape | manufacture of custom picture frame Bristol| photo library for interior decor

Dover breakwater 

Ref : RD 008

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