How to choose the perfect frame

How to choose the perfect picture frame


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Once you have found the perfect photo for print, the next step is to choose the right frame - one that enhances your photo and transforms it into true artwork.

This step is often rushed or overlooked, but the frame should be considered an extension of the piece you chose - art is not finished until it is framed.

With so many styles to choose from, it can be tricky to know which frames are best suited for your interiors and will achieve the look you desire. Before choosing your frame, consider the following points and you are sure to end up with not just a picture, but a finished piece of perfectly framed artwork.    


A fundamental principle is that modern artwork is generally finished with a simple frame design. These clean lines work in most modern decor styles and draw your attention to the piece of art, rather than the frame.  

If you want the art to be the centre of attention, this may be a good path for you to take as well.

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If you are wanting to create a look that is more eclectic or vintage in style, you might choose a more ornate, detailed or traditional frame for your modern art piece, thereby making the frame part of the finished design rather than a merely functional item.


People often assume that the frame they choose should match the art being framed.

This is certainly one way to choose a frame, and the finished piece will rarely stand out as being badly framed with this approach.  Alternatively, you can also use the frame to create contrast and interest in your space by selecting a colour that doesn't match your print or room decor so closely.

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For example, in a room with black decor a silver or gold frame will create a bold statement, with both the art and the frame becoming the focal point.


The width of the moulding you choose also has an impact on the look of your finished piece.

If you want the art to be the focus, a slim or thin frame with a simple profile will keep the attention on the artwork and not the frame. A black or brown frame would probably work best in this case.

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Likewise, a wide frame on a small piece of art can make the frame stand out as part of your overall decor design.

This can be a great way to play with the colours of the room, whether you want to match your room or create contrast with your frame choice.


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Adding a mount to your framed print is a great way to increase the size or adding colour to your finished artwork.

White mounts are always a popular choice for colourful artwork to stand out. Using multiple mounts or colour ones (or both) is a fun way to add depth to your finished piece.

While there are many frames and framing options to choose from, you will always get a quality product with us at Neil Warner Pictures.

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