Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies

Ryan has been a self-taught, hobbyist photographer for a little over 10 years, starting out using photography as a way of documenting his explores in the Napoleonic and WW2 forts and tunnels in his hometown of Dover, Kent.

Using long-exposure “light-painting” techniques, synonymous amongst urban exploration, Ryan was able to create his own drama inside an image with various lights and coloured flashes, whilst also documenting the history of the tunnels or forts for others. As time passed, photography became more of a passion than the exploring, and so the skills learnt underground were tried and tested above ground.

Now with a strong focus on both landscape and street photography, Ryan travels around the UK with his fiancée and their dog, documenting their adventures with both digital and film cameras. Since seriously taking up film photography around 3 years ago, Ryan now considers himself a hybrid photographer, and truly believes there is a place for both digital and film photography together; from film photography having the ability to capture the brightest elements without losing detail, to the immense speed, focus, and editing options found with digital photography.

From starting out lugging around a heavy tripod, with bags of flashguns, torches and filters, Ryan now travels light as much as he can, keeping things simple with one lens per camera, handheld meters, and a few filters, relying on subtle editing to create the photo.

You don’t take a photography, you make it”. Ansel Adams

"Seaside cycle" | Black and white photography | symmetry | photo library for interior decor | custom picture frames Bristol | large wall murals | framed artwork

Seaside cycle

Ref: RD 19 078

Spring in Whitstable, Kent


Ref: RD 060

Dreamland amusement park in Margate, Kent


Ref: RD 18 075

The Flamingo, amusement arcade in Margate, Kent

The Flamingo

Ref: RD 18 073

view of the seafront, Margate, Kent

Sun on the beach

Ref: RD 18 071

Fresh seafood by the harbour, seafront, Margate, Kent


Ref: RD 18 069

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season.

Bluebells 2

Ref: RD 18 067

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season. Focus on the foreground


Ref: RD 18 065

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season.

Bluebell season

Ref: RD 18 063

Spring in Norfolk, Windmill and cloudy sky

Windmill - Norfolk Broads

Ref: RD 18 061

The Warren - Folkestone  Low tide at the Warren means minimalist sea groyne photo's are a must!

Ebb and Flow

Ref: RD 001

Julie - Walmer, Dover.  The most photogenic boat on the Walmer promenade.


Ref: RD 004

Reflections of the windmill on the Turf River, contrast

Reflections at Turf Fen

Ref: RD 020

Spirotastic - Fan Bay deep shelter, Dover.  Light painting in a WW2 Deep Shelter


Ref: RD 039

Sunset at "The Warren", sky reflecting on the seafront, Folkestone


Ref: RD 002

birds formation over Turf Fen, high contrast

Murmurations at Turf Fen

Ref: RD 018

Wood through the Trees - Brecon Beacons  Light piercing through the trees in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Through the trees at Ystradfellte

Ref: RD 054

Looking up at the White Cliffs of Dover from St Margarets bay, Dover.

White cliffs of Dover

Ref: RD 014

Star trailing on the River Thurne, Norfolk.

Time travel - Martham

Ref: RD 036

Sunlight on Martham Reeds

Martham Reeds

Ref: RD 019

Summer day on a pebble beach, taken in whitstable

Whitstable - Kent

Ref : RD 022

Seclusion- Happisburgh, Norfolk  Sea Groynes at Happisburgh, Norfolk.

Bleak, Happisburgh

Ref: RD 024

Brograve Drainage Mill, Norfolk Broads.

Brograve at Dusk

Ref: RD 026

Canterbury Cathedral  The Quire at Canterbury Cathedral - black and white

Canterbury cathedral

Ref: RD 028

Sandwich, UK. July 2017  Shooting some rolls in Sandwich, the cinque port town in Kent.

Darling buds of May Rolls 2

Ref: RD 029

Drops of Bokeh.

Glitter drops

Ref: RD 032

Henrhyd Falls - South Wales  Sgwd Henrhyd in Powys, Wales, is the tallest waterfall in South Wales with a drop of 90 feet.

Henrhyd Falls

Ref: RD 034

Llangorse Lake - Brecon Beacons, Wales  Llangorse Lake is the largest natural lake in South Wales, and is situated in the Brecon Beacons National Park, near to the town of Brecon and the village of Llangors.

Llangorse Lake

Ref: RD 040

Heroes of WW2 - Duxford  The Hawker Hurricane lines up with the gracious Supermarine Spitfire to create quite a nostalgic lineup at the Duxford Airshow.  The two warbirds single-handedly fought off the might of the Luftwaffe to save the nation from invasion during the summer of 1940 in the Battle of Britain.

Heroes of WW2 - Duxford

Ref: RD 037

Llyn y Fan Fach, hidden away in the Black Mountains, in the west of the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales.

Llyn Y Fan Fach Reflections

Ref: RD 041

St Benets Level Mill on the banks of the River Thurne at sunset, Norfolk

No Fishing at Thurne

Ref: RD 042

The beautiful falls of Sgydau Sychryd, near Pontnedfecchan, Wales.

Sgydau Sychryd

Ref: RD 044

Ryan Davies Photography, Split-tone forest Ref: RD 046

Split-tone forest

Ref: RD 046

An Autumn Morning at Deal pier. Stunning sunrise on the seaside.

Sunrise at Deal

Ref: RD 048

The Aerostars - Duxford  The largest civilian formation aerobatic team in the world, The Aerostars have been wowing crowds around Europe for the past 15 years.  Since 2000, the team have been flying in the nimble Soviet Yak-50 specialist aerobatic machines, and their close formation, synchronised manoeuvres are unmatched on the air show scene.

The aerostars

Ref: RD 050

An Autumn Morning at Deal pier. dramatic black and white landscape

Dover breakwater

Ref: RD 008

Dover Breakwater - Dover  The lighthouse on the western side of the breakwater, Dover, Kent.

Dover waterbeaker

Ref: RD 007

Ecliptic Beauty- a Vic of Spitfires, Duxford.  A squadron of Supermarine Spitfires, Duxford Air Show 2012

Vics of Spits

Ref: RD 055

Whitstable - Kent - HOrizon over water, view from pebbles beach on a summer day

Whitstable - Kent

Ref: RD 023

Old Gunpowder Works Trail - Brecon Beacons  Light rays finding their way through the maze of Bedgebury Forest

Old Gunpowder Trails

Ref: RD 059

"Magical Magenta" | landscape photography | seaside sunset | Online photo gallery for home decor | Picture framing services Bristol | professional photo framer | framed photo prints for wall decor

Magical Magenta

Ref: RD 19 079

"Rebecca" | Black and white photography | seaside | framing photography | online photo gallery | picture framer Bristol | framed photo prints


Ref: RD 19 077

Ferris Wheel at dreamland, Margate, Kent

Ferris Wheel

Ref: RD 18 073

Enjoying the seaside town of Margate

Beach cabin

Ref: RD 18 074

Summer sandy beach, Margate, Kent

Margate 2

Ref: RD 18 072

Summer Sandy Beach and view of the seafront, Margate, Kent


Ref: RD 18 070

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season. Springtime.

Lone flower

Ref: RD 18 068

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season.


Ref: RD 18 066

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season.

Spring in Kings Wood

Ref: RD 18 064

A walk around the stunning Kings Wood during bluebell season.

Kings Wood, Chilham

Ref: RD 18 062

Sunset over the Pier, Deal, stunning sunlight giving the cloudy sky a beautiful range of colours, from bright yellow to purple

Exposure Deal

Ref: RD 003

Flyover - Lancaster over Battle of Britain " This is two of my images layered together using Adobe Photoshop Cs5  The first is a shot of the Avro Lancaster of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight team.  The second is a shot of the statue found at the Battle of Britain Memorial in Capel-Le-Ferne, Folkestone; a much favoured spot of mine to relax and shoot.  I have added a touch of saturation to the sky, other than that the photo is as it was".

The Avro Lancaster

Ref: RD 051

Bliss - Horsey, Norfolk  Sea Groynes at Winterton-on-sea.


Ref: RD 005

40's Memories - Spitfires at Duxford  Duxford Airshow 2012,  Supermarine Spitfires

Home for tea

Ref: RD 035

Sunset at Horsey, clouds in the sky reflecting on water

Horsey mere

Ref: RD 010

Dover seafront, lighthouses on the horizon


Ref: RD 006

Turf Fen Windpump with a snowy foreground.

Winter and Turf Fen

Ref : RD 011

Solitude - Martham, Norfolk  A lone yacht slowly sailing down the River Thurne, Norfolk


Ref: RD 013

Pamper grass at Dusk, focus on the foreground

Pamper grass at dusk

Ref: RD 017

Close up taken on the Norfolk Coast

On the Norfolk Coast

Ref: RD 021

As the world turns - WW1 Memorial, St Margarets  A short star trail at St Margarets-at-cliffe. The monument is the Dover Patrol memorial for the airmen who flew during WW1, there is a matching monument at Cap Blanc Nez in Calais.

WW1 Patrol Memorial Star trail

Ref: RD 057

Under 165 - Brecon Beacons  Brecon & Monmouthshire Canal, South Wales

Brecon Bridges

Ref: RD 025

Bubble Vision  Sending a water droplet through a bubble, strengthened using Glycerin.

Bubble vision

Ref: RD 027

Westmount College, Dover  Originally named Mount Ellis, built for Joseph Ellis in 1865, and was reverted to Westmount College, a Dover College junior branch, in 1898.

Double vision at Westmount

Ref: RD 031

Sandwich, UK. July 2017  Shooting some rolls in Sandwich, the cinque port town in Kent.

Darling buds of May Rolls

Ref: RD 030

Magical Magenta - Happisburgh, Norfolk  A beautifully pink sunrise at Happisburgh, Norfolk.

Happisburgh Sunrise

Ref: RD 033

Driftwood on a sandy beach at Winterton-on-sea, Norfolk


Ref: RD 009

Kearsney Abbey under the snow on a winter day, black and white.

Kearsney Abbey, Dover

Ref: RD 015

Thurne Mill - Norfolk  Catching Thurne Mill in the setting sun, surrounded by snow.

Thurne Mill

Ref: RD 012

  An 'R.A.F Pilot' standing by the Hawker Hurricane, the unsung hero of WW2.  Starting life as a unsuccessful biplane, the Hurricane was rejected for being too heavy, too expensive, and no engine existing that could power her.  When Rolls-Royce introduced the ground-breaking Merlin engine, the Hurricane was redesigned as a monoplane fighter, being the first R.A.F fighter to exceed 300mph at 15000 feet.

A Faithful friend

Ref: RD 038

A wander around Walmer seafront at sunset on a summer day.

Pier Platform, Deal

Ref: RD 043

Sunrise through the spiders web, Norfolk.

Spider Web at Martham

Ref: RD 045

A wander around Walmer seafront at sunset on a summer day.

Sun through the pier

Ref: RD 047

The Aerostars - Duxford  Spitfire Mk LFVb flew with 501 Squadron in 1942, and accounted for seven German aircraft before an accident cut short its career.  After repairs it served with 19 Squadron in Cornwall, 402 Squadron (RCAF) and finally being allocated to an Occupational Training Unit.  It appeared as a static aircraft in the film "Battle of Britain" and after spending some years in storage was purchased and brought back to former glory by The Fighter Collection in 1993, finally airworthy again in 1995.  Since then it was appeared in the films Pearl Harbour and Dark Blue World.

The aerostars B&W

Ref: RD 049

London Eye - London  An abstract shot of the eye in full motion, making it look a whole lot quicker than it actually is!

The London Eye

Ref: RD 053

View of the Beacons, landscape in b lack and white

The beacons

Ref: RD 052

A wander around Walmer seafront at sunset

Walmer coast

Ref: RD 056

Endless skies, St Benets Level Mill at Thurne

Endless Skies

Ref: RD 058

Winter landscape, snow in the woodlands

Ref: RD 016

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